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The Dakar is a test unpredictable and in the edition of 2016, with the
a different tour to the usual it can be even more. Talk about
favorites in a raid of this level is complicated, but on the
paper there are drivers and teams that are called to fight for the victories of
stage, by the podium and in the last instance by the final triumph and the long awaited
‘Touareg’. In cars and trucks there are two formations to beat, X-Raid, and Kamaz,
but alternatives are not lacking. This is the list of favorite cars and
trucks for the Dakar 2016


If we make a list of favorites in the category of cars there are that start by the champion. Nasser Al-Attiyah defends title with the Mini All4 Racing #300. The qatari has a tough challenge ahead, seeing the existing competition outside and inside X-Raid. In the formation there are at least three other serious candidates to victory as are Nani Roma (#304), Orlando Terranova (#310), and the promising Eric Van Loon (#306). In a team with so much potential and the car is strong cannot be dismissed as ‘outsider’, not favourite Vladimir Vasilyev (#307), and Mikko Hirvonen (#315).

If X-Raid has the champion and three favorites of weight in the Team Peugeot Total aim to give you the surprise. The Peugeot 2008 DKR16 has a great disadvantage, for reliability, mileage and above all, by their characteristics, 4×2, but the level of talent that there is in the team is extraordinary. Stéphane Peterhansel competes with the Peugeot #302 and Carlos Sainz with the Peugeot #303. Are the two big bet of the French brand, each time that Sebastien Loeb (#314) made his debut in the Dakar. The capacity of adaptation of the alsatian is extraordinary, but his ‘favoritism’ is picked up by tweezers.

bet Toyota is without a doubt formed by Giniel de Villiers (#301) and Yazeed Al-Rajhi (#305). The first is life insurance and the second offers the warmth and rapidity of a pilot that grazed the surprise in 2015. And the last member of this particular list of favorites is Robby Gordon (#312), more by name than by actual possibilities. The american is half-way between the favorites and the ‘outsider’, among which are the following-among many others – Christian Laiville (#308), Carlos Sousa (#309), Cyril Despres (#321), Romain Dumas (#328) and Martin Prokop (#329).



The trucks the list of favorites
it is more reduced and is limited to two brands, Kamaz and Iveco.
The signature Russian
great dominator of the Dakar in the truck category, and has won the editions
2013, 2014 and 2015. Interestingly, each victory has come from the hand of a
of the crews of the team and therefore three of the four Kamaz 4326 enter
filled in this list of five favorites. The current champion is the Kamaz #500
Airat Mardeev
. He will be accompanied in the car Russian by Aydar Beljaev and
Dmitriy Svistunov.

Alternatives to Airat Mardeev are
his two team-mates. Eduard Nikolaev (#502) was second in last
edition and the third in 2014, while that got jacked with the ‘Touareg’ in
the edition of 2013. For his part, Andrey Karginov (#504) was third in the
last year and succeeded in winning the Dakar 2014 after adding four victories
stage. The last corsair of Kamaz is Dmitry Sotnikov (#508), with only two
stakes to their backs, and always off the podium. With the great
competition that you have in-house role is not one of the favorites.

Iveco has reinforced up to the
to give chase to Kamaz. Gerard de Rooy (#501) continues to exert tip
spear in his team, but has diversified efforts to enhance the
training and even has partnered with one of its biggest rivals to try to
stop the poderí Russian. Ales Loprais (#503) now competes with an Iveco Powerstar
with the that try to get their first Dakar rally, being the other strong man
of the team. Not to be overlooked in the bosom of Iveco to the debutant Federico
Villagra (#514) in the role of ‘outsider’ and of course to Pep Vila (#518).