Dakar 2016: Spaniards in cars and trucks


Face and cruz for Spanish riders in the categories of cars and trucks in the Dakar 2016. While Carlos Sainz had to leave when he was struggling for the victory in the car category, Moises Torrallardona managed to become the first Spanish rider to achieve the ‘Touareg’ in the category of trucks the part of the truck winner Gerard de Rooy. A contrast that you can almost extrapolate to the rest of the participants, because among all of them there are pilots who have met their goals and others that have fallen by the way.

Carlos Sainz has been one of the great protagonists of this Dakar and unfortunately your story is not finished on the podium of the Rosary. The Peugeot driver added two stage victories and reached the lead in the ninth stage of the test. However, a fault in the casing of the change left him out of the game in the tenth special. This fact became to Nani Roma in the Spanish rider with the best classification in cars. The pilot of the X-Raid finished sixth overall, although it is true that you have been away at all times of the fight for the final victory.

Xevi Pons completed his first Dakar successfully. The debut at the wheel of the Ford Ranger has passed reasonably well, although there have been some stages with more account problems. Despite this, Xevi Pons has finished 29th. On the opposite side of the coin to level of experience, Xevi Fojs has returned to finish an edition more of the raid. At the wheel of his Toyota has managed to finish 33rd and unlike 2015, it has done so without major problems at the margin of a small incidence in the turbo. despite this, Xavi Foj has been second in the T2 category.


he has Also completed a remarkable Dakar in the car category Rubén Gracia. The Champion of Spain of Rallies, off-road, he has performed with success in the raid south american. At the controls of the vehicle managed by Mitsubishi España has finished 41st in the overall, although at times it has managed to place among the 40 best of category. At the level of the co-pilot, Rafael Tornabell and Joan Rubi have managed to finish the raid along with their pilots, while Oscar Montano next to the bolivian Julio Cesar Rock failed to achieve the goal in Rosario.

In the truck category, the proper name is Moises Torrallardona. The co-pilot Spanish has been part of the truck winner Gerard de Rooy after occupying this role of co-pilot after the recent death of Jurgen Damen. His experience of working with Pep Vila and Dennis Kuipers has served to comply perfectly with the role that is required. On the opposite side of the coin and on the equipment itself, Iveco, Ferran Marco Alcayna has not been able to finish the test after the withdrawal of Ales Loprais.

The trucks full of Spanish have been completed with success. Pep Vila has finished the Dakar in tenth position, while the MAN of KH-7 driven by Jordi Juvanteny has reached the podium in Rosario and ending in the post 30. Also reached the goal the trucks that competed with Alberto Herrero and Charly Rodríguez. Finally, special mention for the andorran Albert Llovera, who has returned to make history by getting to finish for the first time, the raid on a truck adapted to his handicap.