Dakar 2016, stage 1: You suffer, also without competing


you could say that the Dakar 2016 not yet started. With a prologue of 11 kilometres that not all of the participants played and the first stage cancelled due to the safety issues related to the complicated weather conditions, still has not been entered ‘in the field’. However, the hardness of the Dakar extends to each link and more if the rain or the strong wind accompanies it. There are few pilots that have already gone bad drinks over these two fleeting days. In almost all cases the mechanical problems have been the protagonists of these episodes.

Paulo Gonçalves has been a focus of mechanical problems from the start. One of the two drivers pointers in the Team HRC has had an unfortunate start of the raid and yet you can almost be in luck, since you only lost a minute in the general. In the preface he appealed to the Honda CRF450 Rally in one of the rivers, as happened to many pilots. However, the Portuguese rider has spent a major trouble in the day of today, despite the cancellation of the stage. Paulo Gonçalves has had to be towed up to the bivouac in Villa Carlos Paz.


As you say, many riders suffered in the footsteps of the rivers during the prologue. To Laia Sanz he stopped his KTM after entering water in the air filter, although the time lost by reason of the feminine was quite reduced. Many more problems have you had the French Eric Duhamel, which has been one of the first to change components of your KTM. For his part, argentine Juan Agustín Red after reaching the goal so hideous in the prologue after he stopped his Gas Gas, you also earn half an hour of punishment as Duhamel.

In the category of quads the problems have been minor, at least at the mechanistic level. The pilots have managed to complete the 400 km link the rain with the relevant discomfort, but no problems to report. Can’t say the same thing in the car category. The French driver Christian Lavieille suffered electrical problems in his Renault Duster. The brand new signing of Renault Argentina has accused the first change, the lack of reliability that has historically shown this vehicle in the Dakar. Lavieille has had to work at the Duster with the help of another participant.