Dakar 2016, stage 10: The tragedy haunts Lionel Baud


Lionel Baud has lived a Dakar that you will never forget. The pilot and French banker lived in their meat one of the experiences more traumatic possible when in full dispute of the seventh stage, she ran an amateur bolivian who crossed the path. A final nasty and abrupt to a Dakar that however still had reserved a surprise disastrous in the form of an accident. When the Mitsubishi Lancer #409 of the frenchman and his assistance truck heading to Buenos Aires to embark towards Europe, both vehicles have been involved in a traffic accident chain.

apparently, the accident took place at the height of the location Villa Costa Channel when a driver oblivious to the Dakar he fell asleep and collided with a truck Mercedes, which in turn lost control and invade other lanes end up impacting against the assistance truck #660 and against two other cars. In total, six vehicles were affected in the mishap chain and unfortunately, the driver of a Peugeot 505 lost his life during the event. To cusa of the claim there is a total of 10 wounded, being one among them in serious condition.

in Addition to the vehicles mentioned, the Mitsubishi Lancer #409 Lionel Baud, and has also been involved in the unfortunate event, suffering from a head-on collision to avoid the impact against one of the two trucks present at the accident. In theory, the car of Lionel Baud was piloted by Thierry Dezeiraud, French for 50 years that has made the work of co-pilot for Baraud during his participation in the Dakar. The occupants of the Mitsubishi Lancer, #409, for the assistance truck and other vehicles outside of the race were taken to the nearest hospital. it Is clear that misfortunes never come alone.