Dakar 2016, stage 12: a Spark in the Acciona 100% EcoPowered


¡could Not be! The Acciona 100% EcoPowered has been left on the threshold of completing the Dakar 2016. The electric vehicle Spanish, piloted on this occasion by the argentinean Ariel Jaton and co-driven by Gaston Daniel Scazzuso has had to abandon for lack of three stages for the final test in Rosario. despite finishing the tenth stage with the multitude of problems and difficulties, overcoming the dreaded dunes of Fiambalá, the organization of the race has not ceased from this electric vehicle the delay accumulated in the output of the eleventh stage.

This delay had to do with the need to recharge the batteries after the tenth stage. The dunes of Fiambalá, which put an end to the career of many participants, slowed down the momentum of the Acciona 100% EcoPowered. Well it is true that the vehicle reached the goal, once the dawn came, but the wear mass of the batteries during the whole process and the wear of the crew made a dent in the options of the vehicle. Despite this, it should be noted that the Acciona 100% EcoPowered has taken a step forward in performance and has been consistently among the top 100. Andn the ninth stage scored his best result in a partial being 64th, foreword to the margin.

The abandonment of the Acciona 100% EcoPowered, with DNA Spanish, in addition to the casualties suffered by the national fleet in the last days. Without a doubt the most resounding has been that of Carlos Sainz, but in the car category there is also the abandonment of the bolivian Julio Cesar Rock, co-driven by the Spanish Oscar Montaño. Also had a final precipitate Alberto Prieto. The pilot of the quad was evacuated by the organization almost by obligation on the ninth day. Finally, in bikes Joan Pedrero and Txomin Arana to have been low in recent days, both by fall.