Dakar 2016, stage 12: Mikko Hirvonen also know how to win


the penultimate stage of The Dakar has been the usual crossroads
among pilots who have all the work done and seeking the last
after passing miles and miles of pure hardness. In this second
the group included the winners of the stage, as Helder Rodrigues has given the
first triumph to Yamaha
in the present edition of the raid, dominated from beginning to end by Honda and KTM. For his part, Mikko
Hirvonen debuts his track record
after curdle a first Dakar more than remarkable.
Pieter Versluis and Marcos Patronelli have achieved victories in the
categories of trucks and quads.


Sébastien Loeb, Xevi Pons, Martin Prokop… several drivers with past and present WRC have participated in this rally and after winning three stages and lead during the first week, Loeb has taken all the focus of the media. With a mise-en-scene more discreet and a vehicle with less performance, Mikko Hirvonen has completed a superb Dakar, who’s going to be at the gates of the podium. Your mission is to cut time to Giniel de Villiers has been a fiasco, but it has the ultimate prize. Mikko Hirvonen has won the twelfth stage with a time of 5 hours, 34 minutes and 17 seconds.

Although the Toyota Hilux has been led by a large part of the stage with the south african Leeroy Poulter as a hare, finally, the victory has fallen on the side of X-Raid on a day that Peugeot Sport has rolled with all the caution in the world. In fact, Mikko Hirvonen has excelled in 9 seconds to his teammate Nasser Al-Attiyah, while Leeroy Poulter and Giniel de Villiers has finished less than a minute of the winner. The Spanish Nani Roma has placed fifth and there is that back up to eighth place to find the first Peugeot 2008 DKR16, Sébastien Loeb.

taking care of the mechanics, and knowing that the success is very near, Stéphane Peterhansel has finished tenth at 11:05, Mikko Hirvonen. The French pilot, escorted by Sébastien Loeb to a few meters, has completed the stage knowing that his twelfth Dakar is very close to, and without taking the slightest risk. A feeling that has been extrapolated in general terms to all the riders that had little at stake. In fact, except for the duel in the distance of Hirvonen and De Villiers, the rest of the participants of the top ten have more than established their positions in the general classification.

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the victory of The MAN of Pieter Versluis in the penultimate stage of the Dakar certifies the good work of the trucks the germans, however have succumbed to the Iveco in the key moments. Away from the podium, Pieter Versluis has drawn the spine to win this special reduced-in a time of 3 hours, 14 minutes and 6 seconds. The pilot Dutch has excelled in 3 minutes and 14 seconds Federico Villagra. The argentinian driver has preferred to attack for not having any type of fear and has certified almost definitively the podium in his first Dakar rally in the truck.

A category that has a virtual winner, Gerard de Rooy. The Dutch have taken advantage of the low hours that runs through Kamaz to win the Dakar as the great riders, attacking in the stages more complicated and hard. A very different role to the vividohoy as Gerard De Rooy has not passed the fifth position with 5:24 lost with the head. A result that even him has served to increase his advantage over Mardeev. Among the spaniards, Pep Vila has been eleventh at 10:46 of the head, while Jordi Juvanteny with the MAN of KH-7 has achieved the metra and 46 minutes lost.

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In a Dakar dominated from a to z by Honda and KTM, it has not been until the penultimate day when has been a breath of fresh air in the form of victory for Yamaha. Helder Rodrigues has managed to win stage after finishing the special in a time of 6 hours, and 24 seconds, added his eighth win in part in the Dakar despite a penalty of 3 minutes. The Portuguese had taken advantage of the career defensive of KTM to rise with the triumph of a clear-cut way, with 4 and a half minutes of advantage on the own Toby Price, who already caresses with the fingers of his first Dakar.

despite the career defensive of KTM -and Husqvarna-, the main setbacks have been for the signing of the austrian and its subsidiary. Antoiné Meo has suffered a fall in which he has done damage to your wrist, although the French rider has been able to enter the finish line with more than a half-hour lost. Also suffered a fall Pablo Quintanilla. The chilean rider has not asked the third position of the podium, but will live with a certain uneasiness, the final day of the Dakar, since Kevin Benavides has placed within 4 minutes of Quintanilla after finishing third in the day of today.

Among the Spanish riders, Gerard Farrés has returned to reference. The seventh-placed 20 minutes away from the leader has enabled him to rise to the eighth position in the standings of the motorcycle category. However, the level of our people has been remarkable in the last day, of the weight of the Dakar. Armand Monleón has been eighth and Laia Sanz has completed fourteenth. The piloot of KTM has lost 23 minutes in the special of today, but has been zoomed in just 36 seconds of his team mate Jordi Viladoms. Both will fight for the top 15 on the final day.

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Bola, set and match. Marcos Patronelli has won the twelfth stage of the Dakar and leaves sentenced the category of quads in your favor. The younger of the Patronelli has endured to the perfection of the mule launched by his brother Alexander, and is very close to adding his third Dakar after achieving victory in a day of a lot of tension. It should be remembered that the day began with Marcos and Alejandro Patronelli separated by eight seconds. However, the triumph of Mark with a time of 6 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds has been instrumental in this fight family.

A victory that has come by a very narrow margin, that the Walter Nosiglia has been completed to 9 seconds of Patronelli. Third in the special has been Sergei Karyakin. The Russian has taken the rest, and his effort has had award. Karyakin has assaulted the podium at the expense of Brian Baragwanath. The south-african driver has had a day of very complicated and has left 16 minutes behind the winner, that he has lost this position. In fact, both Jeremiah Gonzalez, Alejandro Patronelli and Alexis Hernandez ahead of Baragwanath in a clear and overt.

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