Dakar 2016, stage 2: Mud, fatal enemy


Has been without a doubt the image of the day. A mud formed by the rain the last few days has marked the second stage of the Dakar 2016. Many pilots have been caught up in the mud of the kilometer 180. Troubles and a lot of time on loan have been the main problems, while a tractor has been the savior of many. Nani Roma has been one of the great survivors and yields 46 minutes to the first change in front of the leader. While the Peugeot 2008 DKR16 have passed this area with relative ease, the Mini All4 Racing have suffered for their configuration.

Several riders of bikes and quads have sweated the drop fat to get out of the quagmire. Among them, one of the riders pointers. Joan Barreda has suffered a small enganchón in the mire, that while he has not wasted time, it has served to Ruben Faria to catch the Spanish rider. Many more troubles have had riders such as the Dutch Hans Vogels, the KTM rider Ricky Brabec or Jordi Viladoms. Neither have been spared the struggling pilots more humble and less well-known as the argentine Sebastián Alberto Urquía.


In the car category is where we have seen the most of
. The Mini All4 Racing, weight distribution, traction, or
differential, have succumbed to the mud in a systematic way. Nasser
Al-Attityah has lost more than three minutes
trying to fight your Mini,
while Nani Roma has left more than 46 minutes. The Spanish has
been one of the first to be found with the lozadal, like a
Xavi Pons has also paid the hazing of exit as above.
Bernhard Ten Brinke, who opened the track, has also lost a few good
minutes and Giniel de Villiers with Toyota what has gone wrong.

few have been spared of getting caught, the Peugeot 2008 DKR16 have
been the that best have made it through the mud
. Loeb and stephane Peterhansel have
cemented their good result in this area and Cyril Despres also has
met with note. Carlos Sainz on the sidelines of your electrical problems
it has also exceeded the area of the mud with relative ease, although it has
had to wait for a camera and several fans depart.
Romain Dumas has been the discordant note, because in the background, the mud does not
he has some friends. Robby Gordon or Tom Coronel also know from