Dakar 2016, stage 2: the First victory of Sébastien Loeb


fast Tracks and mud, so much mud. This is the summary of the
the second stage of the Dakar 2016. Although the route was shortened by a third by
security reasons, the hardness has not been reduced. The mud have played
bad past
to more than one and have complicated the start of the Dakar for pilots
as Carlos Sainz or Nani Roma. On the opposite side, the heroes of the day.
Sebastien Loeb has won his first stage on the Dakar at the controls of the Peugeot
2008 DKR16 and Toby Price has clocked up his second victory in the bikes. Both are
new leaders.


The startup firm of the Dakar 2016 in the category of cars has left surprises and challenges, almost in equal parts. The mud has played havoc with several of the favorites and has lifted others up remarkable results. With a searing pace, Sébastien Loeb got the win with a time of 3 hours, 45 minutes and 46 seconds. The frenchman claimed his first victory on the Dakar and was leading the doublet of Peugeot, as Stéphane Peterhansel finished second. Despite its traction 4×2, the tires have been played on this occasion in favour of the French firm.

But the situation was not so positive for all members of the French team. Carlos Sainz with electrical problems looked blankly at kilometer 112 of the special. Although it could go back up just a quarter of an hour after the mishap, the good pace shown after not serving him to recover with enough time. In goal, the Spanish left it for 11 minutes, and 3 seconds to Loeb, but managed to reduce disadvantage in respect to many of its rivals. The mud made act of presence and the Mini All4 Racing were dropping like flies between their networks.

Xevi Pons and Nani Roma were the first to get caught up in a quagmire and although they managed to escape this trap, losing more than 40 minutes, just going to be the first to ‘pay the duck’. The champion Nasser Al-Attiyah also left time, in the same way that Robby Gordon, Orlando Terranova or Tom Coronel also were stuck. On the opposite side of the coin, and taking advantage of the problems the strongest rider, Vladimir Vasilyev managed to be third in the stage. Giniel de Villiers was able to save the ballot with almost no problems, while Mikko Hirvonen and Cyril Despres managed to set a good stage.

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The truck category is still disputing the special. We will update the information according to the occurrence of the arrival of the first participantes.



he Won a stage in his first Dakar and was not slow to repeat his best mark a year later. Toby Price has scored the victory in the second stage in the motorcycle category. THE australian rider of KTM has taken advantage of his position delayed for a comeback in the wake of other riders and taking advantage of the route marked out by Joan Barreda. Despite giving the nail on the head with a route change made at the last minute by ASO, Joan Barreda suffered opening track. The pilot HRC found several animes in their way and became trapped in the mud, the great enemy of all of us today.

With his victory, Toby Price is the new leader of the Dakar in motorcycles, although it has an advantage of two seconds over Ruben Faria. The Portuguese rider has scratched the victory and the leadership of the rally for moments the loins of your Husqvarna, doing an exemplary job. Started second and completed the goal of hunting Barreda in the second half of the stage, who entered in goal to their wake and charging them three minutes to the Spanish. Stefan Svitko was third in the today’s special, while Alain Duclos with Sherco finished fourth.

In general the riders who came out further behind have managed to dodge with more ease, the barrizales. This has allowed Paulo Gonçalves finished sixth and the spaniard Joan Pedrero to be ninth. In the top ten have been cast Pablo Quintanilla or the young Kevin Benavides. Finally, it is noteworthy that all the Spanish riders have been able to reach the goal, not without difficulties. With Barreda and Pedrero in the ‘top ten’, it is worth noting the role of Laia Sanz and Iván Cervantes, that have practically taken their time. The KTM rider and the rider of Himoinsa have completed seven minutes from time marked by Toby Price.

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In the category of quads, the winner has been Ignacio Casale. The chilean has given samples of its level in a complicated stage in which there has been all among the favorites. Alejandro Patronelli and Marcos Patronelli have managed to enter within the ‘top five’ though to have been left by the way 4 and 6 and a half minutes each. In the case of Marcos Patronelli a waste of time justified since he has had problems with the exhaust on his quad. For his part, Rafal Sönik has played the stage with some peace of mind, losing 6 minutes and 35 seconds.

With this result, Ignacio Casale is a leader with an advantage of four minutes over the big surprise of the day. The south african Brian Baragwanath has managed to finish in second position the loins of your Yamaha Raptor 700. Departing from a position delayed, has managed to interpret with a master’s degree in areas with the most danger. Between the Spanish riders, Alberto Prieto has managed to finish the stage with a time of 5 hours and 12 minutes, while Covadonga Fernández and Eduardo Marcos have also reached the goal, although with quite a few more problems.

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