Dakar 2016, stage 3: Many sanctions, less miles


New day at the Dakar and the hours leading up to the third
stage come with changes in the route and also in the classification. For the second day in a row, the ASO has been forced to cut the special. Of
this way, the timed section will have 190 kilometres and it will boot to the
participants from the four categories in the CP1. The initial outline drawing
a special 314 km for all categories and a small link
48 miles in the beginning. This connection section will be expanded,
while the link after the special is maintained without changes.

Being a change of route predictable, most notable have been the ‘dance’ in the classification. A large group of riders on dirt bikes, quads and cars have been punished after the second stage. Most of the penalties cater to excess speed in restricted areas, often linked to roads and crossings of small villages in which there is extreme caution and also the speed. Without going more far, Laia Sanz was penalized with a minute of time for having crossed one of these villages to 51 km/h, when the stipulations were 50 km/h.


In the motorcycle category there has been a multitude of riders sanctioned. Gerard Farrés, Fabricio Fuentes and Toia Diocletian have been punished with half a minute. With a minute of punishment have been affected Ruben Faria (2nd), Stevan Svitko (5th), David Casteu (14), Ivan Cervantes (15th) and Txomin Arana (18th) inside the top twenty. Out of the same, have also been sanctioned with a minute Laia Sanz Javier Pizzolito, Jordi Viladoms, Frans Verhoeven or Sjaak Martens, among others. Two minutes have fallen to Ivan Jakes, Michael Metge Adrien Van Beveren and Antonio Gimeno, in addition to other riders with less weight in the race.

quads have been sanctioned with a minute Alejandro Patronelli, Rafal Sönik and Kees Koolen -among many others-. With two minutes find among the riders pointers to Marcos Patronelli, Walter Nosiglia and Nelson Augusto Sanabria. Finally, in the category of cars there are also many pilots with an ‘extra minutes’. Penalized with a minute Vladimir Vasilyev, Cyril Despres, Nasser Al-Attiyah, Martin Prokop, Emiliano Spataro and Nani Roma among the favorites. Harry Hunt and Boris Garafulic will have fallen two minutes of your time ‘extra’. The spaniards Xavi Foj and Ruben Gracía have taken three minutes of penalty along with Guerlain Chicherit. Yazeed Al-Rajhi with five minutes has been worse off.