Dakar 2016, stage 3: the Statements in goal


Day of changes and surprises. Winners who were not, pilots that premiered on top, and a peculiar special. The third stage of the Dakar has a first name, Kevin Benavides: “it Has been a beautiful stage, with mountain roads are beautiful. I feel good at all levels and I’m trying to be constant. I wear it all the year training for the Dakar, that does not mean that it is my first participation and my third race in a hotly contested”. In the face the next few days, Benavides hopes to: “to Have a cold head. My idea is to go stage to stage, trying to be regular”.

Benavides claimed his first victory in the bikes, like Brian Baragwanath premiered his track record in quads: “It’s fantastic to win this special. This is the first time in my life that I get something like that, is very special,”. However, the south-african driver keeps a cool head: “it Is a long rally ahead and winning my first stage doesn’t mean anything. The quad is responding well. Last year I was obliged to leave very soon, so I’m happy for the situation of this year. The important thing is to not commit errors and avoid penalties”.


S├ębastien Loeb repeated triumph for the second consecutive day: “Has
been a special great. I enjoyed so much and we have been very strong
the beginning to the end. The navigation was pretty easy, but get the
second win in a row is not bad
. The frenchman has expanded its
leadership in car: “Tomorrow we return to the open track and the navigation does not
it will be so simple. I’m going at my own pace, and everything works fine for now,
while Daniel has been very comfortable, without a doubt. We have come to
learn, and therefore we cannot have a strategy
. so we don’t
we ask questions and we move forward”.

In the absence of declarations
Martin Kolomy, winner in trucks, we pay attention to Joan
. The pilot HRC has won in the first instance in motorcycles, but has been
punished with a minute, in a more likely strategy your
team for do not open the track tomorrow: “it Has been a good day for me, on
all after the day yesterday, when I had to open the track. I have
able to maintain a good pace during the entire special. At the end of the
differences are minimal. The idea is to continue as until now waiting
they reach the stages more complicated to level navigation