Dakar 2016, stage 4: Peterhansel and Goncalves earn the marathon stage


decisive Day, the day of claims in the Dakar. The
the first part of the marathon stage has left a domain of course of two sets,
Team HRC bikes and Peugeot cars. Paulo Gonçalves has won the
Honda CRF450 Rally
after the sanction of five minutes experienced by Joan Barreda,
bent on to lose on penalties, what wins on the track. For his part, Stéphane
Peterhansel has won car and has headed a hat-trick of the Peugeot
2008 DKR16
. Carlos Sainz was second and Sébastien Loeb third. A
torpedo to the waterline of X-Raid.


The Peugeot 2008 DRK16 seems to be the rival to beat. Is much
say with the Mini All4 Racing side by side, but the buggy frenchman has won the
three stages that have been played until now and in addition with solvency. In the
the first part of the marathon stage, Stéphane Peterhansel has scored the
with a time of 3 hours, 42 minutes and 42 seconds. ‘Mr. Dakar’ has
header the triplet of Peugeot Sport, since Carlos Sainz has finished
to 11 seconds of Peterhansel
and Sébastien Loeb finished third at 27 seconds
his team-mate.

Nasser Al-Attiyah has been the first Mini All4 Racing in goal and yet, the feelings are not positive. The pilot qatar has left nearly 5 minutes down the road in a stage where there was more navigation and where the theory said that Peugeot should not be so superior. In fact, Cyril Despres with the fourth and final 2008 DKR16 has been a little less than a minute to overcome the current champion of the category. Yes, the first part of the marathon stage has allowed the ‘hatching’ of Yazeed Al-Rajhi. The pilot of Saudi Arabia has been the best Toyota Hilux. Sixth at 5:59 of the head.

Nani Roma has finished in eighth place at 7:10 head and win a few seconds with regard to Orlando Terranova, Giniel de Villiers and Mikko Hirvonen. A result that is of little use to the pilot of X-Raid, taking into account the lost minutes that you have after the second stage, but that at least certifies his good work in a hard time and without assistance at the end of the same.

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The truck category is still contesting the fourth stage of this Dakar. We will update the information according to arrive the first participants to finish.



The most likely strategy taken by the Team HRC forcing a penalty in the day of yesterday has been of great benefit. Joan Barreda got in the first instance the victory in the first part of the marathon stage. However, the Spanish suffered a penalty of 5 minutes and fell to the fourth position of the stage. The triumph fell into the arms of Paulo Gonçalves that completed the stage in 4 hours, 7 minutes and 19 seconds. Ruben Faria happens to be second and Kevin Benavides third party. This results in the leadership in tray to Paulo Gonçalves.

Without the technical assistance of their teams to arrive at the finish, the pilots have had to compete with ‘keeping the clothes’, at least as far as the tires are concerned. Even so, the Team HRC remains the reference of this Dakar, that some of the riders KTM have leaned the muzzle. Toby Price and Antoine Meo have been fifth and sixth, respectively, just ahead of Michael Metge. Gerard Farrés has repeated ‘top ten’ after finishing eighth, 5 minutes and 23 seconds of the head, beating Ricky Brabec and Pablo Quintanilla.

The rest of the riders in the KTM continue to have a role very discreet despite having the difficult mission to replace the injured Sam Sunderland and the retiring Marc Coma. Matthias Walker has not been able to move from the 14th position. Jordi Viladoms has been 21 Laia Sanz has left 42:36 after 36 minutes helping Pierre Alexandre Renet, so that you could have time, while Renet has been evacuated with traumatic cranial. Hard blow to Husqvarna on a marathon stage, which has also given joy to Sherco, with Joan Pedrero and Alain Duclos to 10 and 11 minutes of the head. Among the spaniards, Ivan Cervantes has lost 11:35 and Armand Monleón has added a large stage at 14:29 of the head.

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the First stage lasts from Dakar and the younger of the Patronelli wakes up. The law of life. Marcos Patronelli has won in this first half of the marathon stage, although with a very narrow margin. The argentine has completed the stage in a time of 5 hours, 9 minutes and 15 seconds, surpassing in just 16 seconds at the peruvian Alexis Hernandez in 16 seconds. Ignacio Casale has been third with 25 seconds lost, so that stands as a steadfast leader in the category of quad bikes and brakes very well the thrust of his opponent in one-day key.

The three riders mentioned have bid on the stage almost from the first WP, something that cannot be said of the rest. Alejandro Patronelli has crossed the finish line in 3:49 of his brother, while Mohammed Abu-Issa has been fifth at 4:12. The pilot qatar has taken a step forward with respect to the previous stage and begins to uncover after a quiet start. Marcelo Madeiros, one of the surprises in this beginning of the Dakar, has scored sixth position at 4:33 of the head. Much more discreet, has been the role once again of Jeremiah Gonzalez, Rafal Sönik and Walter Nosiglia.

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