Dakar 2016, stage 5: Early dropouts


out Of the 136 bikes, 45 quads, 111 cars and 55 trucks that took the start in Buenos Aires, a total of 32 vehicles have not managed to overcome the first marathon stage. The first five stages of the Dakar in 2016 have been increasing in hardness and the first marathon stage with the arrival in Bolivia, and the dreaded ‘mal de altura’ has been a first point of screening important for the aspirations of many of the participants. 12 ‘motards’, 6 quads, 12 cars and only 2 trucks are no longer living first-hand the adventure of the Dakar.

On bikes one of the first retirements was that of Daniel Gouet. The chilean has not exceeded the second stage. During that same day Stéphane Gourlia and Simone Agazzi had to end his career. Philippe Cavelius left the race shortly after from Termas de Rio Hondo by a mechanical problem. The indian Santosh Chunchuguppe Shivashankar finished his second Dakar at the fourth stage, while Alexandre Pierre Renet had to be evacuated after an accident, with Laia Sanz in the role of saving. Recent dropouts on bikes have been the work of Lopez Jove, Monnin, Udry and Ghitti. , Either exceeded the fifth stage Jean de Azevedo, Honda pilot Brazil.

In the category of cars the first abandonment was by the chinese Guo Meiling, after his accident in the prologue and the trampling of several fans. Buggies of Bedin and Pascal Besson did not pass the second and third stage, while the buggy Herrator of Luis Barbery had just wrapped up in flames. The Dakar has been very hard with the Mitsubishi drivers and Jorge Wagenfuhr, Stefano Marrini and Guilherme Spnielli are out. Carlos Sousa kept you trapped your Mitsubishi ASX Racing #309 in a hole after a out of track, finishing up with the dreams of Mitsubishi Brazil.


The French Luke Corvaja and the argentinian Roberto Naivirt also have
had to leave, although you may the low most notable are those of Tom
Colonel and Stephan Schott
, at least at the level of impact. Schott
not managed to overcome the fourth stage at the wheel of his Mini
All4Racing. The veteran pilot crashed into a large rock,
putting an end to his eighth Dakar. For his part, Tom Coronel said goodbye to the
raid after not being able to repair numerous problems of your buggy Suzuki
Swift. The driver of the WTCC nor is the goal to solo in your
second Dakar in a row

The category of quads has had in the
fifth stage a day damn
. While in the previous days only
had to drop Julio Cesar Estanguet and Nicolas Robledo,
during the fifth day have said goodbye to several of the favorites for the title.
champion Rafal Sönik could not overcome the technical problems of his quad
Marcelo Medeiros suffered a massive accident and he left the test with
a clavicle fracture. Finally, the pilot arab Mohammed Abu-Issa
also succumbed by technical problems. The other dropout was the
frenchman Sébastien Souday.

finally, the category of trucks
only two vehicles out of the game until now. The first was the Renault
Trucks K520 Martin van den Brink, Rijk Mouw and Peter Willemsen
. The
truck more competitive of the French firm ended up charred after
come out blazing in the third stage of the Dakar, leaving one of the
images of the race to the moment (top photo). For his part,
the other abandonment is the Ginaf X2222 SP also Dutch Jan
, accompanied on his right hand by Emiel Megens and Erik Kofman.