Dakar 2016, stage 5: Iván Cervantes fainted after an accident


The second day of marathon Dakar has been particularly tough for all the runners. The altitude above 3,500 meters, and the highest point of this edition with to 4,850 metres, has taken its toll and all of the caravan, both competitors as well as members of the teams, organization and journalists have taken bottles of oxygen with them.

however, some brokers they have been affected by the so-called ‘altitude sickness’. One of them has been Ivan Cervantes, who suffered a fainting after having a small accident. The four times world champion of enduro and debut in the Dakar as reported, in a statement provided by the team Himoinsa:

“I have entered in a curve past and right in the middle there was a stone and is gone from me before, I have fallen over a cliff and then I woke up, but when I was on foot I’ve dropped round, I also believe that by the height, and I have been two minutes unconscious. I know because I have said that I have seen, I only know that suddenly I have woken up, I asked where was the road and I returned to the bike and I followed, but scared and stunned and with the spider navigation wrecked”

The tremendous scare that has given Cervantes has remained just that, and has been able to complete the stage, albeit nearly 20 minutes of the winner, Toby Price, what sends you to the 24th position in the overall classification.