Dakar 2016, stage 6: the Word of the victors


The sixth stage of the Dakar has been a turning point. Change of leader in three categories, dropouts and mechanical problems between the pilots more important. In motorcycles, Toby Price has achieved his third victory: “I’ve gone the whole route by opening the track and that is new for me. At mile 22 there were cars stuck in the sand. In the end, it has been a good day in spite of everything, I can’t complain. There has been a trap for the navigation, but I’ve managed to get him off the hook. It’s going to be a contest tight until the end. I’m attacking and I feel comfortable“.

With Joan Barreda outside of the community, and with KTM increasingly strong, Paulo Gonçalves maintained the leadership and the honor of the HRC: “it Has been a stage very long. My head hurts. It has been difficult to concentrate. I tried to do the best job possible and at the end everything has gone well. The time difference is minimal, but tomorrow I will be leaving behind. The hardest thing is getting. Today was not an important stage. It was reached without problems. Face the race day-to-day. Barreda and Faria are out, but there are still half a dozen riders in contention for the title“.


Stéphane Peterhansel has added a new stage victory for
Peugeot: “Great! It has been a very special, long and always hard
keep the concentration for so long, but it has gone well. Without
navigation problems, no punctures, what more can you ask for
. Yet
we are at a stage of single track, without navigation and without outputs
track. They’ll come. The car is still recent and we are not
completely safe from technical problems
. We went yesterday to Cyril
Despres and you can also switch to any of the three head”.

last, the Patronelli are in luck. Mark won the stage and
Alejandro Patronelli is the leader in quads
: “Not everything has gone well. In a
time I despisté and the quadricycle, rolled and turned, I fell and
I got up at once
. At that time I met with Mark and we came
together the middle of the race, he before and I behind, with a quiet rhythm
because we wanted to reach. Today was a stage filter of the Dakar, because it was
the longest and were 540 miles of stone that we try to do to
fund, but beware not to make mistakes. go step to