Dakar 2016, stage 7: A dose of controversy


From nothing to everything. A year ago, Peugeot Sport licked their wounds in a Dakar in the Peugeot 2008 DKR proved to be a slow car, unreliable and unstable to control. Little more than an ‘iron’ that she had not even taken advantage of the advantages enjoyed by the buggies with regard to the 4×4. 365 days later, Peugeot ended the first half of the Dakar with full of stage wins (Loeb 3, Peterhansel 2) with four doublets of special and up to two triplets added in stages 4 and 5. Peterhansel, Loeb and Sainz are on the front of the classification.

there Is no doubt that Peugeot has done its job, and since the first engineer until the last of the riders has put his granite of sand to the Peugeot 2008 DKR16 a success. More effective, faster, and with a work of suspensions admirable, the ‘lion of the desert’ has become an enemy to be feared. However, in the bivouac of the Dakar the feeling is that the work of Peugeot is notable, but not as to become the reference of the Dakar. The regulation and on all the Michelin tires have a lot to do. For X-Raid and Overdrive, too.

With the course of the stages on this Dakar, the atmosphere in the bivouac has thinned. Both X-Raid and Overdrive accuse Michelin of preferential treatment for Peugeot. It is worth to remember that both the Mini All4 Racing as the Toyota Hilux V8 mounted the tires Michelin Latitude C, compounds that have remained unchanged from 2013. For its part, Michelin equipped with a tire-specific. In 2015 and with the poor performance of the Peugeot 2008 DKR, the Michelin D15 did not have a notable weight. For this Dakar has changed everything, and the Michelin D16 have gained more prominence.


it Is hard to think of a category, without a certain amount of controversy with the
tires and the Dakar could not be an exception. Although Michelin is
in his right to treat you as a partner to Peugeot Sport, and work side by
elbow with the French manufacturer, Mini and X-Raid will feel cheated. In
the first place because they have the same tires for several
editions, and the second because they do not have a treatment as specific and
close with the signature of tyres. This fact has been the straw that broke
the glass, very full by the rules so favorable to the buggies
get on the 4×4.

Maybe this Dakar marks the end of the
the ratio of X-Raid and Overdrive with Michelin. Only time will tell if
we return to see the Mini All4 Racing and the Toyota Hilux V8 with these
tires, although it is true that in the case of X-Raid the change
it could be within the vehicle itself. With a legislation so favorable
for buggies, the ‘Zebra-buggy’ is presented as a real option and
almost necessary to the superiority of the Peugeot 2008 DKR16. Without
however, the participation of the single buggy X-Raid has finished as the
rosary of the aurora.

Guerlain Chicherit refused to leave the
sixth stage of the Dakar with the ‘Zebra-buggy’, citing reasons of security
and lack of performance. The French ended up very angry after
a large part of the fifth stage without power steering. The effort to
drive the vehicle and stretches over 4,000 metres
altitude left the parisian exhausted, tremors in the arms and hands.
Perhaps there is virtually no evolution of ‘the Zebra-buggy’ and scarce
200 miles of test prior to the Dakar have had more to do that
own mechanical failure. The rope is taut and in Argentina place
Guerlain Chicherit in an official project next to Ford.