Dakar 2016, stage 7: Statements in Salta


the seventh stage of The Dakar has been peculiar, but Antoine Méo remember after winning his first special stage in the test: “The first part has been very difficult, you could not see the ground well because it gave the sun. After the neutralization, I felt comfortable and I have had the luck to catch two riders. The ground was wet and there was no dust. I’ve gone very well, with no errors and browsing. I felt much better than yesterday, so I attacked a little bit. I am satisfied. Physically I’m fine, but we go into the week more difficult. I’ll keep quiet“.

More problems have you had Paulo Gonçalves. The Honda pilot is still in the lead after receiving the compensation time relevant after helping Matthias Walkner. The Portuguese showed positive: the day before Yesterday and yesterday I was with a lot of headache for the topic of the altitude and it cost me a lot. It is not that he was tired, but it was as if he was sick because of the headache. Now that we are already here, it is as if had never past the first week, because I feel good, but all the forces are going to be needed for the second week rally ahead”.


In the car category, Carlos Sainz got his first
. The spaniard was very satisfied goal: “We are
happy. After the bucket of cold water on the first day, of the fact
be unemployed and thinking that I would have to check out with only 14 minutes of
race, now we are fighting for. The strategy is to continue to fund
. In
the opposite side, Sebastien Loeb: “The first special has been great.
We have attacked. Then we have suffered an engine problem before the
second sector. The car progressed regular. We are decentralized and we have made a navigation error. was The problem of the
management of the turbo

In the truck category, and after the
doublet of Kamaz, Gerard de Rooy advised that the russians are back:
“We made a navigation error when turning to the left instead
on the right, and fix it has cost us about 40 or 50 seconds. Has
been a special difficult. I hope to have a good second week in the
dunes, I am very confident in my truck. No one expected that the Kamaz
they were lagging behind, I’m sure they will return to the old ways
put in the race”.