Dakar 2016, stage 7: The rally coming to Salta for the rest day

Dakar 2016: etapa 7 Uyuni - Salta Dakar 2016 left yesterday Bolivia to return to land Argentine. The Dakar caravan ended up in Salta and today will be the expected day of rest. Yesterday was a long stage, of 820 miles that had 380 km of special cars and trucks and 288 for bikes and quads, due to set aside a part of the special by the flooding of some rivers. The extreme altitudes will be far behind, but yesterday the tour went through areas at 3,500-4,500 meters in altitude.

The Dakar is more exciting than ever in some categories. In bikes you will see more distance between the first, but it is a category very difficult in the in the later stages have abandoned a lot of the favourites. Quads seems to be that the Patronelli will dominate without risking a lot while in cars is a clear victory for Peugeot, with three riders who have options, even make a triplet. In the truck is where most tight is the classification, with constant changes day after day.

Barreda and Walkner drop out of the Dakar 2016

Dakar 2016: etapa 7 Uyuni - SaltaThe motorcycle category of the Dakar 2016 lost yesterday definitely two promising drivers. On the one hand, Joan Barreda, and no options to win, he left after falling off the bike during the previous day’s liaison, when it was towed because I had the engine broken. The spaniard was hurt in a hand and decided that it was not worth taking the output in these circumstances. Yesterday also saw the abandonment of Matthias Walkner, that he was doing a great Dakar. The pilot austrian suffered a fall soon to begin the special, breaking the femur. Antoine Meo, Kevin Benavides and Paulo Gonçalves occupied the first three positions of the stage while Gonçalves is leading in the general followed by Toby Price.

In quads the stage was for Bonetto, Copetti and Nosiglia, followed by Patronelli, which keep the leadership in the general with almost 8 minutes on the third, and more 26 minutes of the fourth. The differences start to be noticeable.

Dakar 2016: etapa 7 Uyuni - SaltaPeugeot held yesterday the first two positions, with Carlos Sainz and Sébastien Loeb. The spaniard won his first stage of the Dakar 2016 and Loeb ahead of Peterhansel (fourth yesterday) in the general and placed first. Nasser Al-Attiyah finished third with their MINI. Hirvonen was fifth and Despres made a sixth post. Three Toyota and Nani Roma are also among the top 10 in the stage between Uyuni and Salta.

Kamaz of Nikolaev and Mardeev were the ones who yesterday gave a blow on the table and it is this latter which is now third in the general. Versluis and his MAN were third, with Gerard de Rooy occupying a fourth position. The stages that will happen after the rest day of today it seems that will be the awakening of the Kamaz trucks.

Classification Stage 7

Dakar 2016: etapa 7 Uyuni - Salta

Laia Sanz


Position Pilot Country Brand Time
1 Antoine Meo France KTM 02:27:27
2nd Kevin Benavides Argentina Honda +00:01:53
3rd Paulo Gonçalves Portugal Honda +00:01:56


Position Pilot Country Brand Time
1 Lucas Bonetto Argentina Honda 02:58:30
2nd Paul Copetti Argentina Yamaha +00:00:29
3rd Walter Nosiglia Bolivia Yamaha +00:00:54

Dakar 2016: etapa 7 Uyuni - SaltaCars:

Position Pilot Country Brand Time
1 Carlos Sainz Spain Peugeot 03:19:03
2nd Sebastien Loeb France Peugeot +00:00:38
3rd Nasser Al-Attiyah Qatar MINI +00:03:22


Position Pilot Country Brand Time
1 Eduard Nikolaev Russia Kamaz 03:54:31
2nd Airat Mardeev Russia Kamaz +00:00:58
3rd Pieter Versluis the Netherlands MAN +00:01:17

Overall Rating

Dakar 2016 etapa 2Bikes:

Position Pilot Country Brand Time
1 Paulo Gonçalves Portugal Honda 22:52:30
2nd Toby Price Australia KTM +00:03:12
3rd Stefan Svitko Slovakia KTM +00:09:24


Position Pilot Country Brand Time
1 Alejandro Patronelli Argentina Yamaha 27:02:31
2nd Marcos Patronelli Argentina Yamaha +00:03:36
3rd Sergei Karyakin Russia Yamaha +00:07:51

Dakar 2016: etapa 7 Uyuni - SaltaCars:

Position Pilot Country Brand Time
1 Sebastien Loeb France Peugeot 21:46:28
2nd Stéphane Peterhansel France Peugeot +00:02:22
3rd Carlos Sainz Spain Peugeot +00:04:50


Position Pilot Country Brand Time
1 Pieter Versluis the Netherlands MAN 21:01:56
2nd Gerard de Rooy the Netherlands Iveco +00:05:31
3rd Airat Mardeev Russia Kamaz +00:10:48