Dakar 2016, stage 8: Successes and failures in the arrival in Bethlehem


Victory and leadership. Toby Price has been one of the drivers of the day and even so, he was cautious: “he Never comes out all perfect and I’ve made some mistakes. Has been a good day because I have finished with the best time. We are ‘struggling’ with Paulo because a day earns you time it, other day I. In the end it’s going to be a matter of minutes or seconds. I think that to him it gives you better navigation, but we wanted to throw. to Be ahead is stressful and you need to be sure of the decisions, but today has given its fruits. Tomorrow we face another marathon stage, care must be taken”.

On the opposite side of the coin, Paulo Gonçalves reached the finish after suffering a very serious fall, : “it Has been a difficult journey, with sections of very rough backcountry. In a moment I was going pretty fast, I’ve tilted a little to the side and I’ve gone to ground. I have not done anything physical, but the tower of navigation of the bike has broken down. I had to finish with a hand that is not arrancaran all the cables, but in the end I have not lost much time, with regard to Toby Price. Less evil than the marathon stage is tomorrow“.

In the car category, the winner of the stage was Nasser Al-Attiyah: “it Has been a hard race, nothing easy. It was impossible to keep the buggies in the sand. Tomorrow we will open track and will not be easy. There will be mistakes in the dunes. Is to win, but the buggies are very fast in the camel grass. Today we have gained time, but tomorrow we’ll see. I’m going to give everything to win this rally and we will have to do everything that is in our hand tomorrow and after tomorrow. are Going to be two stages importantes“.


Stéphane Peterhansel is the new leader in the category of cars after
the crash of Loeb: “Seb has rolled over. What we have
reached when we had been 100 kilometres, we have doubled and then has
become to get ahead of us trying to recover time. He
has been followed by a large channel, and when I arrived about 20 seconds
after his car had overturned. We have made signs for
just keep moving forward. Is much less comfortable for the team to have
only two cars in front
. In addition, neither we have them all with us,
because we have seen that the temperature of the car rose in the areas of

For his part, Sébastien Loeb went in on goal with a 1-hour
and his Peugeot 2008 DRK16 very damaged: “In a dry bed had a
step very large that I have not seen and have rolled over. Not
I know if I have the sin of greed
, because I do not have the habit of driving in
dry riverbeds. We tried to follow the footprints, but were scattered a
bit. The victory is already impossible. Neither thought to reach the end.
We have lost a lot of time because we had to change the
wheels, and then the transmission. The hopes of winning have vanished“.