Dakar 2016, stage 9: Carlos Sainz reigns in the chaos and the heat


The desert of Fiambalá became a trap and the
high temperatures forced the ASO to stop the ninth stage to avoid
greater evils. A decision that can be criticized, but that seems to be the most
logic when dozens of ‘motards’ were trapped in the dunes. With the
the time of the CP2 / WP4, Carlos Sainz has achieved a stage victory and is
the new leader of the Dakar
, while Toby Price has strengthened its leadership in
bikes. With this victory, carlos Sainz has added his second stage victory in this
edition and its 29th victory on the Dakar, equalling the record of Jacky Ickx as
third pilot with more victories in cars.


stage Victory and lead for Carlos Sainz. The driver from madrid has taken advantage of the chaotic ninth stage to give a blow on the table and placed the leader of the test. Although the start of the day has not been positive for Sainz, the spaniard has managed to soar with his Peugeot 2008 DKR16 in the final phase of the stage, and has recovered all the lost time between WP3 and WP4, where it has been since the end precipitated to the stage by the high temperatures. Carlos Sainz has completed the special stage in 2 hours, 35 minutes and 31 seconds.

This record has earned him a seat to Carlos Sainz for beat by 10 seconds Erik Van Look, by 17 seconds to Mikko Hirvonen and 38 seconds Giniel de Villiers. The two pilots of X-Raid and the first sword of Toyota have been very close to being able to take advantage of the adverse conditions which have swept the pilots of Peugeot in the first part of the special. In fact, Carlos Sainz had three punctures slow and it has been stuck in the sand on two occasions, while Stéphane Peterhansel suffered two punctures and also lost time in the sand.

however, the final path has been very different for the two Peugeot 2008 DKR16. While Carlos Sainz has climbed up to the victory, Stéphane Peterhansel has not been able to move from the seventh position, with 9 minutes and 12 seconds of disadvantage on Sainz. Now, the spaniard leads the standings with 7:03 on stephane Peterhansel and 14:39 on Nasser Al-Attiyah. The qatari has had a second half stage rather complicated with two flat tires, missing out on a great opportunity to get invested in the fight. In the ninth stage, Nani Roma has been twelfth, and Loeb eighteenth, with over an hour lost.

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Gerard de Rooy is old dog and today’s stage was the perfect setting to pop the classification in the category of trucks. It has not been necessary to repeat two times. With a time of 2 hours, 41 minutes and 20 seconds, the Dutch have taken your Iveco up to the victory. A triumph that is worth much more than a partial victory, as Andrey Karginov and Federico Villagra have finished 16 minutes, Eduard Nikolaev at 19 minutes and Peter Versluis has left more than 37 minutes by the way, remains to date the main rival of the Dutch.

In fact, the trucks have lived a day if it is more atypical than the rest of the categories and that has resulted in the young Ton Van Genugten has succeeded in placing his Iveco 4 minutes of your head of rows or riders less common among the first positions may have an outstanding performance. That is the case of the Kazakh Artur Ardavichus with the Tatra T815 4×4 (or also Czech republic’s Tomas Vratny, a pilot who runs a Trafficking 163 of the team Bonver Dakar Project, the same structure in which it competes Albert Llovera.

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in the Face of adversity, a lot of talent. Toby Price has scored the stage victory and significantly expands its leadership in the overall motorcycle. The australian rider, despite open the track with his KTM, had a beat and has managed to finish the stage in a time of 2 hours, 24 minutes and 19 seconds, the entire time that the special has been completed in CP2 because of the extreme temperatures present in the dunes of Fiambalá. At this point, Toby Price has lapped in 7:10 Kevin Benavides, while Stefan Svitko finished 10:33.

it Is evident that Toby Price has been the big winner of this stage, but the ninth day of competition could have reported greater fruit if it is to be the official driver KTM, since in meta-being one of the few that has managed to achieve it – had accumulated a distance of 14 minutes over his nearest rival. Despite this and with his fifth stage victory under the arm, Toby Price builds up a lead of 25 minutes over Stefan Svitko in the general, while Pablo Quintanilla and Kevin Benavides are placed third and fourth in the standings with a little more than half hour lost.

What Gonçalves? Definitely the sand dunes you have not been sitting well with the Portuguese pilot from Honda. Your starting pace was still slower than that of Price, but the lace to your options has come after. Paulo Gonçalves has had a malfunction in the radiator of his Honda CRF450 Rally, which has resulted in engine problems. The Portuguese had been towed by Paolo Ceci to the finish and although still in the race after the first half of the marathon stage, is out of the game. Among the spaniards, Gerard Farrés and Armand Monleón have reached the ‘top ten’, and Laia Sanz has been thirteenth.

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no contest in quads. Paul Copetti has scored the triumph stage after marking a time of 3 hours, 38 minutes and 40 seconds in CP2. The argentinian driver has managed to exceed by 35 seconds to Alejandro Patronelli and 1:28, Marcos Patronelli. With this result, Copetti adds his first win in the Dakar after playing five previous editions and suffer up to four dropouts. Despite the victory of his countryman, the fight for the title between the brothers Patronelli has been resolved in a minute. Now, Marcos Patronelli beat his brother in 1:13.

at The end of the stage at CP2, with a mileage significantly reduced and with lesser presence of land of dunes, the distances have been much shorter among the pilots being the reference category. Brian Baragwanath has finished fourth in 3:04 of the head, while Nelson Augusto Sanabria has finished only three seconds behind the south african. The ‘lead pack’ has closed the peruvian Alexis Hernandez 8:47 of disadvantage over Copetti. After his good showing yesterday, Lucas Bonetto has had problems and has been left more than an hour.

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