Dakar 2016: the car of The driver who ran over a spectator, involved in another deadly accident

Accidente Lionel Baud camión Dakar 2016The Dakar 2016 has re-charged a victim. On this occasion, the death has not occurred during the race, but that has been a assistance truck that has been involved in the incident. Interestingly, this is the truck of the French rider Lionel Baud Saturday, January 9, was hit by a spectator bolivian 63, who passed away in the act that died in the act.

The truck was heading along with the Mitsubishi dorsal 409 with that Baud had the accident from Uyuni to the port of Buenos Aires, to return to Europe. In the accident of the truck were involved in a total of six vehicles, being the death of the driver of one of them. According to the police of argentina, there are 10 injured because of the incident, one of them in serious condition.

The accident took place about 8:30 in the morning (local time) to the height of the locality argentina Villa Costa Canal. According to police sources the driver of a tourist he fell asleep and collided head-on with a truck Mercedes lost control of the trailer due to the impact and derrapó for several metres crashing against the assistance truck Dakar, a Peugeot 505 whose conduit was the deceased and another vehicle. The car of Lionel Baud, apparently driven by his co-pilot Thierry Dezeiraud, was involved in the accident while attempting to avoid the impact against the truck.

it Is known that the occupants of the Mitsubishi Baud and the drivers of the trucks were transferred to the hospital

Source – The Voice of Córdoba