Dakar 2016, the day of rest: The true favourites


The Dakar is immersed in its rest day. Even if the script he spoke of days of tracks
quick and short navigation, which tends to facilitate the work, the hardness has been very high in the first week. So much so that a total of 58 participants have been abandoned during the first seven stages. 24 ‘motards’, 9 quads, 21 cars and 4 trucks have said goodbye to the test before you get to this day of ‘relaxation’ in Salta. 289 of 347 participants still in the race.

The ingredients during these first days of competition have not been the most desirable. The mud, the rain and
the flooding of the rivers have been forced to alter the route. There have also been cases
falls and mechanical mishaps. All of this has altered the list of
favorites, and although the dunes are coming, the list of aspirants to the
‘Touareg’ has been reduced in each category


it’s Been seven days since the start of the rally and the speech has changed. At the beginning of the test the Mini All4 Racing X-Raid was the theoretical favorite, and the Toyota Hilux V8 Overdrive applicants. Few dared to place the Peugeot 2008 DKR16 between the aspirants to the ‘Touareg’ and those who did so was because of the undoubted quality of their pilots. However, the first week of the Dakar leaves full of victories for Peugeot with three wins from Sébastien Loeb, the two of Stéphane Peterhansel and one of Carlos Sainz. Now, seem to be the only ones aspiring to the final victory.

Well it is true that the mechanical reliability and the navigation in the second week can play a bad joke with a Peugeot, in the same way that the terrain is more favorable from now on for their interests. Pros and cons of a reality in which the three drivers of Peugeot is playing the Dakar. Nasser Al-Attiyah represents the only alternative to a bloodbath mass, but it is 17:36 of the head, and more than 12 minutes of the last Peugeot 2008 DKR16. Sébastien Loeb, Stéphane Peterhansel and Carlos Sainz will play the Dakar and do so in a margin of 4 minutes and 50 segundos.



The truck category is the one that most applicants keeps. In the first place because only four participants have had to leave and second because the distances that are handled between the heavy weights of the Dakar tend to be more spacious. According to what is seen until now, two MAN, two Iveco and two Kamaz can fight during the second week for the ‘Touareg’. Pieter Verluis is the leader after 21 hours of racing. His nearest rival up to now has been Gerard de Rooy. The pilot reference Iveco is 5:31 of his compatriot.

With 10 minutes of loss appear the Kamaz. The feelings of the Russian team have been contradictory throughout the week and the crushing domination that have been added in the latest editions it has become a direct competition and set with their rivals. However, no one dares to discard to Kamaz the fight. Airat Mardeev gives in 10:48 with the head and Eduard Nikolaev 10:54 pm. A little behind appear Hans Stacey and Federico Villagra, two pilots that have demonstrated pace as to overcome the disadvantage that treasure.



24 ‘motards’ have left the competition before the day
and among them some important names. Ruben Faria with fracture
wrist and Ivan Jakes with problems in the knee are out of the race.
Neither have been spared from abandonment after paths falls Javier Pizzolito and Joan
Barreda. Ultimately, Matthias Walkner also had to leave with
a fracture in the femur. Honda and KTM have lost pilots important and without
however it appears that they are the two brands that will play the victory, although with

it Is difficult to evaluate the applicants real in the category of
bikes because there are many riders in similar differences, but according to the
rate shown and the stage wins, three riders will play the Dakar and
three lie in wait. Paulo Gonçalves is a leader with the Honda CRF450 Rally and
holds a margin of 3:12 on Toby Price and 9:24 about Stefan Svitko. What
it is true that Gonçalves and Price are the real strong, but Svikto is
in margin to be able to fight. A step behind in the general, Paul Quintanilla, Kevin
Benavides and Antoine Méo expect an error
, because pace tienen.



In the category of quad bikes has also been a major low. Only nine participants of the 45 that took the start have had to leave the race, but among them are four drivers pointers. Marcelo Medeiros suffered a crash in the fifth stage, the same day in which he also had to say goodbye to the Dakar Mohammed Abu-Issa. The Polish Rafal Sönik nor has passed the first week of the Dakar race for a mechanical problem on his Yamaha. Finally, Ignacio Casale is also out after suffering a breakdown and a subsequent fall with a fracture of the clavicle as a result.

With all these casualties, only three riders fight it out for the Dakar in quads and two of them do with the same last name. Regularity is the word that can be used Alejandro Patronelli and Marcos Patronelli, the first and second of the general. Both are separated by 3:36 minutes, and are great candidates for the final victory. As the only alternative and with the same regularity that we, the argentines, the Russian Sergei Karyakin will try to give the surprise. Anything can happen in the Dakar, but with half an hour lost it does not appear that Jeremiah Gonzalez, Alexis Hernandez and Walter Nosiglia can get in the fight.