Dakar 2016: The prologue to mark positions in spite of a serious accident

Dakar 2016 prólogo

In the Dakar 2016-will show the hand of Robby Gordon

The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, yesterday received with open arms 556 participants (354 vehicles) that are participating this year in the Dakar 2016 and played the victory over 13 stages. The podium of output took place in Buenos Aires, where they presented to all the participants and from where they began with the connection section of the prologue that would go to the 11 kilometres of special prologue.

Although 11 miles may seem few and a simple appetizer for a race like the Dakar, you must be careful. There are many pilots who have suffered small problems. The Dakar 2016 has started with the wrong foot because one of the cars participating in the race has lost control and suffered an accident against the public, resulting in injuries to at least 11 viewers, some of them of a serious nature.

do Not belittle the prologue

Dakar 2016 prólogoThe first stage of the Dakar in 2016, the prologue, is a kind of making contact with the Dakar. It is No less important, because making errors here can affect the whole race. It was a stage of 335 km of link and 11, especially between Buenos Aires and Rosario. Has been a stage very fast that has served to obtain a first classification that will mark the starting order of the first stage, between Rosario and Villa Carlos Paz. time differences between the top finishers are practically non-existent, and even in bikes Barreda and Faria have taken times. Today the special will be 258 km and yes you will see major differences.

The water was in the stage prologue the major cause of problems. Had to cross a small stream, which was the one that did waste a bit of time to Carlos Sainz and Laia Sanz. The driver from madrid he lifted the hood of his Peugeot by the impact, losing all the visibility, lowered it by accelerating and braking sharply and could continue to do a second post. On board of your bike Laia Sanz also had problems with the water, when you fall in the river and water to enter the air filter. The pilot acted fast to evacuate the water and waited for it to boot and be able to continue. This fact made him come in the position 115, while the pilot preferred today you have a job ahead of them in the order of output.

Yesterday foreword grazed the tragedy when the car 360, of the pilot china Guo Meiling, ran off the track in the kilometer 6,6 of the special and smote eleven spectators, some of them children, were evacuated to area hospitals. Apparently the car of Meiling, the first Chinese woman to run the Dakar, got out of hand after a jump and was thrown into the public. After the incident, the organisation decided paralyze the prologue and some cars and trucks did not receive the output.

Classification Prologue:

Dakar 2016 prólogoBikes:

  1. Joan Barreda (Spain), Honda, 00:06:27
  2. Ruben Faria (Portugal), Husqvarna, 00:06:27
  3. Helder Rodrigues (Portugal), Yamaha, +00:00:03


  1. Ignacio Casale (Chile), Yamaha, 00:07:14
  2. Marcos Patronelli (Argentina), Yamaha, +00:00:05
  3. Paul Copetti (Argentina), Yamaha, +00:00:07

Dakar 2016 prólogoCarlos Sainz finished second, although not with the car intact


  1. Bernhard Ten Brinke (Netherlands), Toyota, 00:06:08
  2. Carlos Sainz (Spain), Peugeot, +00:00:03
  3. Xavier Pons (Spain), Ford, +00:00:04


  • Without preface because of the accident