Dakar 2016: Toby Price, 'koala' that changed history


Toby Price is the champion of the Dakar in the motorcycle category. One more… or maybe not. The victory of the australian rider is full of epic yes we take into account the conditions that surround this triumph. Toby Price is the first driver non-european to win the ‘Touareg’ in the motorcycle category and what it has achieved in its second participation, a record of precocity. The australian one day he raced with Casey Stoner now has its own story to tell after adding a big win that allows KTM to reach your fifteenth Dakar in a row. The signing of the austrian remains at the helm.

The life of Price is summarized in one statement: ‘gasoline in vein‘. Coming from a family with roots in the motorsports off-road, did not take long to begin to compete on a bike and was a reference in his early years in various categories of Motocross in Australia, even surpassing the fracture of the two dolls that have suffered with for 16 years. After following its evolution, he signed for KTM in 2009, mark it with the that evolved for various categories until you get to the Championship Australian off-roa, which he won in 2014. This victory allowed him to join the Red Bull KTM Factory Team for the Dakar 2015.

Toby Price made his debut in the Dakar in a big. In his first participation in the raid more hard of the world and making use of his experience in other tests got remarkable results. In fact, ended the Dakar 2015 with a stage victory and more importantly, finishing third in the classification of the category of motorcycles. A result that is not added pressure face up to Dakar 2016, at least in a direct way. The injury of Sam Sunderland and the low performance of Matthias Walkner and Jordi Viladoms made it in to a greater extent.


With Joan Barreda and Paulo Goncalves taking Honda to the top
during the first week of the Dakar, Toby Price was the only one able to
plantarles face
, defending the pride of a KTM wound. The
the australian took advantage of their opportunities and in the second stage got
his first win in this edition. It also added two wins
consecutive in the fifth and sixth special, before the day of
rest. However, it was just after this when the pilot
australian hatched. Toby Price took advantage of the problems of Barreda in the eighth stage to be placed

Toby Price as we let out such a position of privilege until
the podium of Rosario and by the way, added a new victory in the ninth
stage. The fall of Paulo Gonçalves downplayed competitive pressure and the
the australian was able to finish the Dakar with managing their advantage over Stefan
Svitko and Pablo Quintanilla. His triumph as we said, involves not only the
first victory of a pilot non-european bikes, but KTM can
still boast of having won every Dakar since the year 2000.
Then Richard Sainct won on a BMW to then succumb to the sweetness of KTM.

despite his meteoric career,
successes in Australia and of the Dakar, the life has reserved
two chapters especially bitter to Toby Price. the first was the
death of his little sister
, a girl who was born premature, blind and with
cerebral palsy. The other was in 2013 after a big accident that almost
she leaves him in a wheelchair. Had to travel to Australia to be operated
of multiple fractures of the vertebrae T1, C6 and C7. Two and a half years
after, Toby Price is the new king of two wheels of the Dakar.