Dakar 2017, a day of rest: it Received as heroes!


The Dakar in South america has its taras and the cancellation of the sixth stage of the Dakar 2017 is the best example of the same. The own climatology of Bolivia, and this time of year is a major constraint in the development of the test. Almost as if it were a tradition of the rally, Race Direction has been forced in recent years to reduce the mileage of any of the special in the best of cases, or to cancel any of its stages. The edition of this year has been no exception and the moment the fifth stage was reduced and the sixth void.

all in all, the Dakar has achieved what seemed impossible, a cultural tradition in South america than in Africa never gave, by the socio-political conditions that affect both regions. In the end, although the Dakar has lost some of its adventurous spirit, the demands of the african desert, and other qualities that defined the original test, on the contrary has gained some other valuable things. own pilots have been recognized that have never competed before so many fans as you have seen in these first stages of the raid more hard of the world.

The best example has been the welcome he has received the
Dakar caravan on your arrival to The Peace
, the capital of Bolivia. Thousands of
fans gathered to welcome the riders and teams as authentic
heroes, scene which is also repeated in Tupiza and in the ceremony of departure in
Asuncion (Paraguay). A warmth that certainly reinforces the image of the Dakar
in the world and gives a new ingredient to a race that has always characterized
by their human values
and the amount of stories that are hidden between the
trials and tribulations of each stage.