Dakar 2017, a day of rest: The dropouts are multiplied


Marc Coma had warned before the start of the Dakar that the edition of
2017 would be the hardest of all the editions that have been disputed in
South america. The Sports Director of the Dakar, not lied, and from his
experience as a pilot has been designed a route full of obstacles and traps
a first week really complex. The result is that despite the
suspension of the sixth stage of the rally, 66 participants have been removed before
get to the rest day
, among them several pilots susceptible of
fight for the ‘Touareg’. Let’s take a look at the fallen.

Within 20% of dropouts that have been given in the race,
the motorcycle category has been the one that has suffered the most casualties. In this aspect,
especially difficult has been the first week of Zongshen, every time that the
manufacturer has suffered the low of its five riders in its debut. Zhang Min was
the first to leave in the second stage, and frenchman Thierry Bethys the
last one to do so in the fourth. Between the Spanish Antonio Ramos and Armand
have had to retire, while some proper names such as Toby
Price, Alessandro Boturri or Ivan Jakes
have not come to the rest day,
the latter, after receiving the impact of a lightning bolt.

12 have been the quads that have not come to the Peace,
among which is that of the English Jose Luis Espinosa after suffering a
engine problem. The category of cuadricilos has also been witness to the
low in the first week of Marcelo Madeiros or Josef Machacek, two pilots
that rate have been shown to be among the best. Painful also has been
the abandonment of Walter Nosiglia, every time we had to say goodbye to the race
a few hours after adding his first victory in the Dakar before their
fellow bolivians. The argentine Gaston Gonzalez also has been left out


The category of cars has seen the low of several names
illustrious and pilots with the ability to fight for the ‘Touareg’. In this payroll
without a doubt, is Xavi Pons, which has not happened from the second day after suffering a
strong accident. Also, spain’s Carlos Sainz and of course Nasser Al-Attiyah. Other
names that have left the race have been Fortunato Maldonado, the
pilot veteran of the category, Ronan Chabot , and fast Emiliano
, despite of brand new an evolution of the Renault Duster with which he has competed
in the last few years. The last to leave has been the Lithuanian Vaidotas Somogy.

The three downs in the category UTV have Spanish flavor already
which of the eight registered, the three that have been left out have been the
vehicles Yamaha Spain. This implies that are out of the race the
andorran Andreu Cachafeiro and his co-pilot Guifré Pujol, as well as Santiago
Navarro and Joan Font
. Finally, three have been registered in the category of trucks that have
said goodbye to the Dakar. The first was the Renault of Gert Huzink and the last
Man Karel Trneny. Between the two occurred the abandonment of the Mercedes Pep
Sabaté, Josep Ramon Canis and Jordi Montaner
, Spanish team that failed to start
the fourth stage.