Dakar 2017: Anastasiya Nifontova will be racing the Dakar


The path of Anastasiya Nifontova up to the Dakar has not been easy. The ‘rider’ Russian took part in the Rally of Morocco, like many other pilots to prepare for their debut in the raid south after competing the last few years in the Africa Eco Race and to set a good role in the World FIM of Cross-Country, but an anti-doping test conducted during the test yielded a positive Meldonium. The FIM has suspended provisionally Nifontova at the end of November and since then, this pilot of 37 years who was born in Washington, but competes under the Russian flag, has had to fight to be in the Dakar.

His presence was ruled out, despite the decision of the Anastasiya Nifontova travel to AsunciĆ³n with your Husqvarna FR450 Rally and with all the members of your team. However, the medical evidence submitted by Nifontova to the FIM inside the lawful process to request the temporary suspension of the sanction, as well as the clarifications of the ‘rider’ Russian have had their effect, and the International Federation of Motorcycling has given the green light to the Russian Federation grant a license for a single event to Anastasiya Nifontova for pruning to take part in the Dakar.

it should Be noted that the FIM allows Nifontova contest the Dakar to avoid the irreparable harm that would not compete if it then proves his innocence, but in turn means that your final result is up in the air until the final verdict of the World Association of anti-Doping (WADA). All in all, Anastasiya Nifontova was a more to the time to pass the administrative checks and techniques at the headquarters of Conmebol in Asuncion, the scene where they are carrying out these preliminary. Congratulations as if you had already finished the rally, Anastasiya Nifontova will be the first Russian woman to take part in the Dakar.