Dakar 2017, consent: The UTV also have their space


The UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) have lived in the shadow in the Dakar. Immersed in the category T3, without any kind of repercussion in the media, these vehicles half way between the buggies and the quads didn’t have his space career, until now. One of the great novelties of face to the Dakar rally 2017, from the hand of Marc Coma, is the creation of a category devoted exclusively to UTV in which take part a total of eight participants will be able to measure forces with the Polaris and the Yamaha, the two big brands who monopolise this type of vehicle.

One of the keys to the UTV is its concept, since it is a vehicle very close to the buggies light, the big difference is that in the UTV there is room for a co-pilot. This fact, the agility derived from a system of suspensions very effective and your four-wheel drive lead to these UTV’s to be a cheap option and really quick to address a rally like the Dakar. However, the UTV quipan small engine turbo direct-injection with a power of between 100 and 130 horses, more than enough to move this type of vehicle.

Even talk about favorites in a category, newly founded, is complicated, the couple formed by Mao in Ruijin and S├ębastien Delaunay are the rivals to beat from your performance in other editions. However, both finished second in the category T3 in 2016, and the position 55 of the general. Both will compete with a Polaris RZR, a model slightly different than the RZR 1000 XP that use the brazilian pair formed by Leandro Torres and Lourival Roldan, which also amounted to a very positive result in the last edition of the Dakar, where they finished just two positions behind Ruijin and Delaunay.


all in all, the category UTV will have a great Spanish representation,
the entire time all three UTV have national DNA. However, Yamaha Spain has
been the only structure that has decided to plant face to Polaris
and has
formed a team of three Yamaha YXZ1000R to compete in the Dakar.
These three vehicles will compete in the rally under the team ‘Yamaha
Trivimon’, although the attendance of all of them will be divided into different
structures. All in all, the effort of the Spanish subsidiary will allow
Joan Font
debut in the Dakar next to the experienced co-pilot Gabriel
, as you will witness the premiere of the couple formed by
Santiago Navarro and Oriol Vidal.

The third UTV managed by
Yamaha Spain is the Andreu Cachafeiro
, which will be co-driven by Guifre
Pujol Solsona. The pilot andorran already competed in the Dakar in 2012,
but he had to abandon in the third stage a due to breakdown. The three of them
face in addition to the Polaris of chinese origin piloted by Li
Dongsheng and Wang Fujiang
, both debutants in the Dakar, as well as the
Polaris of the Russian Maganov Ravil, accompanied by Kirill Shubin also
they face their first participation in the raid of the world’s toughest.