Dakar 2017: departure Ceremony in Asuncion


The Dakar tends to put each one in its place, but if there are a
moment really special
in which all and each one of the participants
match is the departure ceremony. A magical moment, a parade on a podium
in that start hundreds of hopes, dreams and goals that sometimes
meet and others left by the wayside. Be that as it may, thousands of fans
gathered in AsunciĆ³n
, the capital of Paraguay, to witness this output
symbolic of the Dakar in which all the participants had their minute of
glory before facing the harshness of the race.

The event, which began mid-afternoon and finished late in the
night, he witnessed the parade of a total of 318 vehicles and 501
, any time that there has been some adjustments on the registered list
at the last minute. In this way, and because of way officer after the close of the
technical scrutineering and administrative, the 39th edition of the Dakar is
composed by 144 bikes, 37 quads, 77 cars, 10 UTV’s and 50 trucks. Highlights the
last minute change of the two Suzuki brothers Tim and Tom Coronel at the
category UTV.

All in all, you can say that the Dakar 2017 is in
, although the timer still is not adding up seconds. Ahead, the
pilots have twelve stages is really complex, 4,000 kilometres of pure
and nearly 9,000 kilometers to go. The Dakar was harder than it has been
designed in South america check to ride and even Race Direction has scheduled
a number of restrictions in schedules, plans B and alternative routes to certain
stages, the hardness of the race will be extreme. To begin with, the first stage
take the Dakar caravan from Asuncion to Resistance
, a name very
appropriate for what is to come.