Dakar 2017: Honor of Martin Prokop and Nicolas Fuchs


The successes of pilots and private structures in the Dakar are
fairly common in the motorcycle category. As shown by the recent
results of Gerard Farrés, or Stefan Svitko, but is not so easy to find
something similar in the category of cars
and more from that there is the presence of
three large manufacturers such as Mini (X-Raid), Toyota (Overdrive / Imperial) or
Peugeot. In fact, in the Dakar 2017 only two cars in the Top-15 have no
type of linkage with the official teams or derivatives of the three marks.
we Speak of the projects of Czech Martin Prokop and peruvian Nicolas Fuchs.

As we explained before the start of the Dakar 2017 Martin Prokop was the perfect ambassador Ford, although his association with the brand is null. However, the Czech and the technical team that will support you in the WRC and in the circuits have been able to develop a Ford F-150 SVT only in the image and likeness of the production model, but with a V8 engine the maximum power of the range of the Mustang. The result has been a vehicle robust than the hand of Martin Prokop and his co-driver Ilka Minor has crept among the best in the Dakar.

In fact, the work of Ilka Minor as co-driver in his debut in the Dakar has been remarkable, with very few failures at the level of navigation. His work along with the natural rate of Martin Prokop in tracks rally have been allowed to see the Ford F-150 SVT among the best in specific moments of the rally, coming through even in two stages inside the Top-10. In the end, Martin Prokop has finished the Dakar in the eleventh position 4:58:51 Stéphane Peterhansel. Without the sanction of a time that you received the Czech rider, Prokop and Minor could have finished seventh.


Also a pilot in the WRC, the peruvian Nicolás Fuchs has signed a great debut in the Dakar. Together with fellow debutant Fernando Mussano, Fuchs has managed to roll between the strongest rider in his first participation and all after coming to raid more hard of the world are almost of the bounce and at the last minute thanks to the invitation of Wevers Sport. With a limited preparation, Nicolás Fuchs has signed a rally from less to more, which has managed to avoid problems, take advantage of their strengths and take advantage of the good performance that has shown the Ford HRX of the computer.

Almost as ambassador of Peru in the race, Nicolas Fuchs had a first week is somewhat difficult, being the fifth special its most critical moment. All in all, the cancellation of the sixth stage and the rest day allowed Fuchs to take renewed forces and to place their Ford HRX among the fifteen best in each of the five remaining stages. With extreme regularity at this stage of the race and after finishing eighth in the tenth special stage, Nicolas Fuchs was getting close to the Dakar in the twelfth position, 5:54:20 Peterhansel and also with a one-hour penalty, a penalty that has (in the top ten of the rally.