Dakar 2017: KTM, favorite and cursed by the low


KTM is the man to beat. The signature austrian has earned this role is to beat after winning all and each one of the editions of the Dakar since 2001 in the motorcycle category. From the two victories of Fabrizio Meoni to the triumph of Toby Price in 2016, KTM has managed to master the desert to stymie the attacks of manufacturers much larger, as is the case of Honda. All in all, the brand central has seen in recent years his projects have been left lame by the low of a distinct nature that has affected the team.

A history of low that in any way begins in Jordi Viladoms and Marc Coma, as the two riders spaniards have left the team when they were the two big bets of the brand. With Marc Coma practicing for Race Director, KTM had to reinvent itself and did giving gallons Toby Price, Sam Sunderland and Matthias Walkner. However, this trio of riders could not match in the Dakar the whole time Sam Sunderland lost the edition 2016 by a fracture of the tibia and Matthias Walkner suffered a fall that forced him to leave the raid with a femur fracture.


despite these setbacks, the manufacturer of Mattighoffen
he managed to continue his brilliant run of wins
thanks to Toby Price,
as well as increase their number of wins partial hand of a
brilliant Paul Quintanilla. Results that have not prevented that KTM
make a small renovation in their alignment of pilots in the face
Dakar 2017 to try to follow the front. Although in the first instance
the official riders of the mark were Toby Price, Sam Sunderland,
Matthias Walkner, Antoine Meo and Laia Sanz, again the curse of the
injuries and casualties, it has affected the plans of KTM

In the first
place because Antoine Meo lost the Dakar after suffering an injury in
the scaphoid of his right wrist
. A problem that KTM fixed
betting on the mexican Iván Ramírez, pilot however neither
you may be in the raid more hard of the world. As explained by the brand,
Ivan Ramirez suffers an episode of typhoid fever that will prevent him from being
100% on the Dakar, so that the mexican has opted to postpone its
debut in the Dakar until 2018. it Is clear that KTM suffers the curse of
the low, but if there comes a new triumph will all be an anecdote