Dakar 2017: Laia Sanz and Cristina Gutierrez are history


Seven of the nine women who won the Dakar 2017 have
managed to reach the podium in Buenos Aires. A remarkable percentage, although
between all have highlighted the role of two of our representatives,
Laia Sanz and Cristina Gutierrez
. The KTM rider is already the women who most often
has completed the Dakar in the motorcycle category after signing the sixteenth
final position in the ranking of the category. For his part, burgos
Cristina Gutiérrez has become the first woman of Spanish origin that
he has managed to complete the Dakar in the car category.

Laia Sanz is a living history of the Dakar, and their numbers so
credited. The Catalan has managed to finish his seventh Dakar in seven
, something that has not gotten any woman. A regular basis that is not inconsistent with talent
and speed that has demonstrated the KTM rider
, once that has been completed after
the ten days of competition that has had this Dakar in the position sixteenth within the category of
bikes. While it has been outside the top 15 to be surpassed by Diego Martín
Duplessis by 50 seconds, so that no one can remove to the Spanish be the
woman who more times has finished the Dakar on bikes

The own Laia Sanz noted his success: “I Am very happy for having finished my seventh Dakar of seven entries, which is something that hasn’t got no woman and very few men can say, and more finishing off the last four among the top 20. Maybe the end of the sixteenth can be seen as something normal, but it is something very difficult to achieve with the super level. I consider myself to be a pilot more and for me it is just as hard for men, but it is true that in the end, women, whether we like it or not, we have a physical limitation, and a result so has a merit especial“.


Cristina Gutierrez has also made history. Beyond the
44th absolute position, the sixth position achieved in the category T1.S or the
fifth is added between the pilots beginners of the category of cars,
more important to the burgalesa is to have reached the goal in Buenos Aires,
every time Cristina Gutierrez is the first woman from spain that ends the
Dakar in the car
. A milestone that has not been at all easy and that has come from the
hand stages of great suffering for the burgos and his co-pilot Pedro Lopez.
All in all, the Mitsubishi Montero of the team DKR Raid Service reached Good
Aires of a piece.

We have been enjoying every mile, enjoying everything it has been this Dakar. In sum, enjoying going to fulfill my dream as they passed the miles. I Am very excited and a little overwhelmed, because there have been many days and very intense” reconocía Cristina Gutierrez, who added: “The last three stages that have spent a little more than invoice. In general all the days have been very hard, with links to very long and many variations of temperature, and the fatigue is felt. The problem is that then we slept little. All in all, the best part has been the day-to-day, get through each stage. Every day I have enjoyed it so much. Although it had problems, I’ve always known to take the positive part“.

In regard to the rest of the females, the Russian Anastasiya
Nifontova has finished 75th in the category of bikes
after competing under
appeal by his alleged doping in the Rally of Morocco. Pink
Romero has finished 80th
reached the goal of the Dakar for the third time.
French Camelia Liparoti has been the thirteenth in quads
after a career
masterful, while the co-driver Ilka Minor has been completed along with Martin Prokop
in the eleventh position of the car category. While the
argentina Alicia Reina has been 40th in the category of cars, Suany Martinez in
quads and co-pilot Mary of the Garden Mattar in cars have been abandoned