Dakar 2017: Leandro Torres, the first winner of the UTV


One of the great novelties of the Dakar 2017 was the creation of an individual category for UTV, light vehicles and low-cost by its features and powertrains they are half way between a buggy, a model of production and a quad. Although this decision seems to be appropriate and this category will receive a greater number of participants in future editions of the test, the reality is that only eight UTV -once discarded buggies of the brothers Colonel – have taken part in the Dakar. A fight a so highly diluted that with all has won Leandro Torres with great merit.

all in all, the first year of the category UTV promised a duel between Polaris and Yamaha Spain, something that however has not been the entire time that the three vehicles with Spanish presence were dropping, a result of the mechanical problems. With Joan Font, Santiago Navarro and Andreu Cachafeiro out of the race, the battle was understood in the environment of Polaris with three riders chinese, a brazilian and a Russian as candidates. Far from being a joke, the hardness of the race for this type of vehicle, mistreated by the overtaking of trucks in each stage, it was discarding to the first candidates.

With a victory in the third stage, and an exercise of containment during the first week, Leandro Torres was placed leader of the class after the fifth stage, a position that no longer was going to leave to Buenos Aires in spite of the problems of character mechanic that was in the seventh stage. All in all, in an exercise of knowledge in his Polaris RZR 1000 XP -with the already competed in 2016 – and intelligence, managed to overcome this critical stage and to manage his advantage until the last day, all with another stage win in the eleventh special.


in The end, Leandro Torres has been able to get his first ‘Touareg’ without
any kind of pressure
, since Wang Fujiang has closed the Dakar more than
4 hours and 42 minutes from the brazilian. Difference that reflects without a doubt the
problems that have had almost all of the participants of the category
UTV and it ends to confirm with the volume of penalties that
he has received every one of the participants. All in all, if there is something that does not
you can deny is that Leandro Torres and his co-pilot Lourival Roldan
will go down in history for being the first winners in this
category UTV

in Addition, Leandro Torres is the first
brazilian driver in getting a ‘Touareg’
, in what is a milestone
for a country that increasingly has more presence in the race and that
even it sounds to be able to accommodate any stage of the rally in future
editions. A victory forged on a project-humble and that should be
mirror for all those riders who want to compete in the Dakar on
four wheels and which does not have the low-cost mattress to do it with
a 4×4 or a buggy, being the UTV an alternative ‘low cost’ that can
give many joys
, as has been corroborated Leandro Torres.