Dakar 2017: Luis Portela, of the Dakar to the VI Nations B


The Dakar hides hundreds of stories, almost as many as
participants will start in AsunciĆ³n (Paraguay). One of these
stories is that of Luis Portela
, ‘rider’ Portuguese that made its debut in the rally to the
controls of the KTM 450 Rally #104 and that faces the raid with a ‘timing’ very
especially, since if all goes well and gets to the finish line in Buenos Aires, act
followed will travel to Lisbon. The objective to bind their participation in the
Dakar with the concentration of the Portuguese rugby
to be able to prepare your
participation in the VI Nations B of rubgy.

Luis Portela has always been a born athlete, but if there is
two passions that define your life are motorcycles and rugby. And why not join
both? That is what you should think to Yourself when was launched to the adventure of dispute
the Dakar at the controls of a KTM 450 Rally. Although both disciplines, little
you have to see, this Portuguese he left temporarily the rugby in the last month of
to prepare for the demands of the raid. Although its
physical condition is excellent, is not the same play 8-on the third line
Rugby XV on the back of a bike

All in all, Luis Portela is not the first rugby player
professional that is faced by the Dakar
. The relationship between the two disciplines has
been quite fluid, and several have been rugby players in active or
newly retired who have played the raid more hard of the world. Maybe, in this
aspect, the participation of Christian Caliphate, ex-international for the
selection of rugby of the French in the position of Prop (Pillar), was the most remarkable.
Now, Luis Portela will have to live a few weeks of frenetic in that
will change the #104 of his KTM by the 8 of the t-shirt of the selection of Portugal.