Dakar 2017: Martin Prokop, a great ambassador for Ford


Martin Prokop was contesting his first Dakar at the controls of a Toyota Hilux V8 leased, a great challenge, however, was not enough for the Czech rider. Used to manage the cars with which it competes in the WRC or GT racing, through its own structure, the team Jipocar Czech Martin Prokop have decided to take their second participation in the Dakar with a car developed from the ground up. By surprise, although his relationship with Ford is fluid, the Czech rider presented a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is practically unique and which is of the Ford Ranger used by other pilots.

This F-150 SVT Raptor features a V8 engine the maximum power from the range of the Ford Mustang taking advantage of the advantages offered by the technical regulations of the FIA for the Dakar, although it has been developed practically from scratch in relation to the well-known pick-up of production of the brand. A very risky bet in which Martin Prokop has done a great nod to Ford to keep the iconic image of the front of the Raptor, something which certainly is all a publicity gimmick for a manufacturer that has a limited presence in the raid more hard of the world.


After finishing fourteenth in his first Dakar, not without
numerous problems that put in danger its goal of the completion of the test,
Martin Prokop leaves the role of ‘rookie’ and will fight to be among the ten
best rated
of the category of cars. This will have Ilka
as a new co-pilot, one of the eight women who will take part of the
test. Although his experience in raiding is almost non-existent, the austrian is a
reputed co with thousands of miles in the WRC at the right hand of pilots
the likes of Henning Solberg, Evgeny Novikov or Manfred Stolh

Beyond the end result that you can sign Prokop, without
doubt the Czech rider is all an asset to Ford at the time of promoting its
and its F-150 SVT Raptor, a pick-up ever sold in the United
States. In this aspect, the notoriety that can reach Prokop is much higher
that that offered in the Ford Ranger developed by South Racing and that is something
in the end it is worth it. Of time and before traveling to South america, Martin
Prokop has posted a video showing the keys of this project
the preparation that has been made to face its second Dakar.