Dakar 2017: Plans 'B', limits, timetables and alternative routes


Marc Coma has insisted on several occasions that this Dakar
it will be the most hard-fought in South america, but now we also know that will be
the Dakar of the plans ‘B’, limits, timetables and alternative routes
less for the categories of motorcycles and quads. However, the organization of the
rally has decided to introduce a number of range of time for these two
categories in four stages
of the test with the goal that the drivers of
bikes and quads that do not exceed a particular point in the special not be caught
in the night at 4,000 metres of altitude

The organization of the Dakar wants to avoid that the riders of bikes and quads spend the night outdoors in stages 3, 4, 5, and 8, days in which the competitors will face sand dunes and the altiplano of Bolivia more than 4,000 metres of altitude, with what that implies in terms of dangerousness and temperature at the end of the night. That is why it is in these stages has been established a particular point in the special that must be crossed before a time. Otherwise, the pilot will be out of the rally and will free up GPS so that you can return to the bivouac.


This point that the riders must overcome at a specific time will be released in the ‘road book’ the previous day, although already know the schedules limit. In stage 3 between San Miguel de Tucum├ín and San Salvador de Jujuy (364 km of special) will set the limit to 19:00 hours local. In the stage 4 road from Tupiza to this limit will be at 18:00 hours, while in the stages 5 and 8 is fixed to 19:00 hours in the face of difficulties that it offers the altiplano of Bolivia, and the path with a large number of kilometres off-track road to Salta.

This plan ‘B’ and a range of time to prevent the ‘riders’ spend the night in the regions dangerous is supplemented with an alternative route in stage 4. The day of January 5, between San Salvador de Jujuy and Tupiza with a total of 416 kilometres against the clock, and a broad cross-section of dunes to more than 3,500 meters altitude. A challenge that the organization has offered an alternate route of 10 kilometers -50 less than the route through the dunes of Tupiza – for anyone who wants to, previous sanction of 12 hours. So the favorites of the Dakar will take to the dunes and the participants which seek to end the test will take this path.