Dakar 2017: Sergey Karyakin surprised at quads


The Dakar 2017 kicked off in Assumption with a power vacuum in
the category of quads
after the absence of the brothers Patronelli. A good
number of pilots aspired to occupy the hollow of the argentines, but at the time
of the truth almost all failed. A dash of race perfect for that Sergey
Karyakin gave the surprise and added his first ‘Touareg’
in the category of
quads. A victory in his fourth Dakar that it becomes the first
pilot of Russian origin who wins the raid more hard of the world away from the category

The list of candidates to the victory was almost endless.
Illustrious names as those of Rafal Sönik, Ignacio Casale or Josef Machacek -three
winners of the Dakar – joined the riders from south america as Walter
Nosiglia, Nelson Augusto Sanabria, Daniel Domaszewski and Pablo Copetti. All
they presented arguments to fight for the victory, but at the time of the
the truth of the Dakar 2017 in the category of quads has been a career of surprises,
disclosures and riders that without making a lot of noise have emerged
to get
stage wins, as is the case of the dutchman Kees Koolen, the brazilian
Marcelo Madeiros, and Simon Vice.

In fact, the first stages of the Dakar left different
winners and a dance of leaders which in turn served to eliminate
. Marcelo Madeiros won the first stage, but had to retire in
the third special, Walter Nosiglia prevailed in the third and in the fourth
day and yet said goodbye to the rally a day after, and then Josef Machacek,
winner of the Dakar in 2009, I also had to leave in the middle of the third
stage. For his part, Rafal Sönik left patent that his pace was not at the height of their condition of favorite, as soon left it for many minutes.


At the end the various circumstances of the race
meant that the category of quads have four names, of
Sergey Karyakin, Ignacio Casale and the French Simon Vice and Axel
, with permission of Pablo Copetti who signed a second week of
fantastic race. However, Simon’s Vice had to leave and Axel Dutrie
with certain problems in two of the last three stages also got
fight of real shape for the Dakar, in large measure because Sergey Karyakin already
had erected as a rival to the more rapid and regular than the rest
at the controls of
his Yamaha Raptor 700.

In fact, Sergey Karyakin assaulted the leadership after his second
since in the fourth stage
of the rally and got his first victory in the
seventh day, a result which consolidated his podium at the eighth special.
All in all, the key to the triumph of Karyakin at the margin of its regularity and
the surprise factor developed in two of the three stages
queens of the Dakar
. With the ninth day cancelled due to the natural disaster experienced in the region of Jujuy, Karyakin got the
victory in the ninth and tenth stage
, victories that allowed him to live with
peace of mind the last day of competition and adding a ‘Touareg’ more than
well deserved.