Dakar 2017, stage 1: Little mileage, but no errors


The first stage of the Dakar between Asunción (Paraguay), and Resistance (Argentina) offers a total of 454 km, only 39 kilometres are against the clock. A first contact in around the city of Asuncion that should not be used to make a huge difference among the favorites, although the rains of the last few days can lead to some of the complications extra to the pilots. Well it is true that this first journey invites us to prudence, but you can’t let your guard down for to ensure a position as a output good in the face of the second stage.

pilots of all categories have a maximum of two hours to traverse the link between the bivouac of the Assumption and the starting point of the timed section. One particular of 39 kilometres with pistes techniques and which has as a single point committed a Control Step of Security. It is expected that the first ‘riders’ to start the competition at around 12:00 hours (hour peninsular Spanish) and that if you don’t suffer any type of incidence can complete the course in about 25. For his part, the first cars will start the special at around 15:00 hours.

Although the 39 miles of special timed and the 415 kilometers of the link are not especially demanding, the pilots will face temperatures above 30 ° C during a large part of the day, something to keep in mind for being the first day competitive. Hydration will be key, especially once past the stage, in the long liaison stage that will take riders up to Resistance passing through Formosa and Chaco. In fact, the riders of bikes and quads have two refuelling points, fuel during this segment of link, so you will be able to regain strength before reaching the bivouac.

Profile of the first stage (Assumption – Resistance)