Dakar 2017, stage 1: Punishment caused and early troubles


Every detail counts and although the first special stage of the Dakar
only had 39 miles, you have already seen the first strategies and also
the first trouble for some of the favorites. However, open track
it can be worse than a penalty,
Xavier Soultriet has
led to a sanction of a minute
for speeding in the link
after the timed section.
The result is that Joan Pedrero happens to be leader in the motorcycle category of the Dakar rally 2017, which implies a
small reward for the work that has made the official pilot of Sherco throughout the year.

all in all, we have seen more awkward situations that and strategies the clearest example is the one that has lived Nasser Al-Attiyah. The qatari has suffered, in principle, an oil leak in the engine of his Toyota Hilux V8 after getting the stage victory. After turning off the fire starts, the qatari has had to to be towed by Giniel De Villiers in the first instance and by frenchman Ronan Chabot to reach the bivouac of Resistance. A first setback for one of the favorites to win that next to the problems suffered by the own De Villiers in the shakedown put in question the reliability of Toyota.


The heat, the trenches and the remarkable fords of water have also made ravages among the ‘riders’, and some of those affected have been Joan Barreda or Adrien Metge, although they have not been the only pilots in distress. All in all, Joan Barreda has seen his Honda stopped at a ford of water for two minutes, while Adrien Metge suffered a small crash, fortunately without physical consequences. Despite this, the French pilot representing the cross in the bosom of the official team from Sherco to victory and leadership legacy by Joan Pedrero, after a penalty brought on that you can see on more than one occasion in this rally.

Although Gerard De Rooy suffered a puncture with your truck Iveco 500 metres from the goal, perhaps the incidences larger have come in the category of quads. Rafal Sönik has had a strong crash at the controls of his Yamaha. All in all, the winner of the Dakar 2015 has been able to achieve goal despite of the damage to your quad and some discomfort in the arm. Worse luck has run Sébastien Souday, every time the French driver has suffered a fall which had caused a fracture in his wrist. The gaul sum so your third dropout in a row in the Dakar when I had just disputed a few kilometers of this edition.