Dakar 2017, stage 10: Barreda press, Quintanilla KO


The tenth stage of the Dakar 2017 between Chilecito and San Juan have been
caused remarkable changes in the motorcycle category. The attack of Honda and the victory of Joan Barreda penalty on Michael Metge, have joined the
navigation errors of Matthias Walkner and Sam Sunderland, as well as
abandonment of Pablo Quintanilla by the fault of a fall
. The result is that
Barreda has managed to reduce its difference with Sunderland below
time, so that the resource of the penalty he received at Honda
block can enter in game. In quads, Sergey Karyakin exceeds Ignacio Casale takes a giant step toward the ‘Touareg’.


not a minute of rest. The tenth special in the motorcycle category has been a permanent dance event. Nothing more start the stage, Sunderland, Barreda, Walkner and Metge lost the direction, which placed Pablo Quintanilla as a leader. At this point, Sunderland conceded 16:45 minutes behind the rider of Husqvarna, although he lasted the joy that the shortly after it was Quintanilla who was walking away from the path, as Gonçalves and Renet. In these movements back and forth to the route successful, Michael Metge and Joan Barreda were the ones that came out best unemployed, in large measure because Metge helped get us back on course to the Spanish.

With constant errors of navigation, Ricky Brabec and a bright Ondrej Klymciw took the command of the day of their arrival to the neutralization, although in the second special stage was Honda riders who gave a blow on the table. In the end, Joan Barreda was the victory after completing the special stage in 5:49.45, the whole time Michael Metge was punished for skipping a ‘way point’. In this way, the Spanish rider, however he scored his great goal, scale positions (5th), and reduce their disadvantage with respect to Sam Sunderland under the time, which allows in game the appeal of the sanction suffered by Honda in the fourth stage by an alleged re-fuelling illegal.

The podium as they locked Stefan Svitko and Franco Caimi, although the first has had to be evacuated after suffering a fainting by crossing the finish line of a day ‘outsiders’ and scares. In fact, Ivan Cervantes managed to finish sixth at 7:15 head, while Klymciw closed the day with 9:22 minutes lost. Behind, Matthias Walkner gave way 12:53 minutes, while Sam Sunderland is left 17:06. Gerard Farrés trailed by its part 21:25 -scale of the podium – and Adrien Van Beveren 30:14, although the candidate was Paul Quintanilla to leave for a fall after also suffering mechanical problems prior to the mishap. For his part, Laia Sanz also closed a bright day 21:39 of the head after filming in the top ten.

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