Dakar 2017, stage 11: Honors to the (almost) champions


The Dakar 2017 is seen for sentencing. 64 kilometers timed between the participants who have managed to survive the harshness of the journey and the inclement weather to reach the podium in Buenos Aires. This includes the five champions that are going to get the ‘Touareg’, a trophy that many dream of, but after two weeks of competition only a very small number of winners can possess. Except the disaster of last time, the 39th edition of the Dakar will Stéphane Peterhansel, Leandro Torres, Eduard Nikolaev, Sam Sunderland and Sergey Karyakin as champions, unless the weather says otherwise.

despite the aspirations of Toyota with the regulatory changes, the Dakar 2017 has turned out to be a true recital of Peugeot and its renewed 3008 DKR. With Carlos Sainz out of the battle and Cyril Despres still a step behind their peers, the ‘Touareg’ has been a battle between two, Sébastien Loeb and Stéphane Peterhansel. Although the natural ability of the nine times champion of the WRC and the excellent Dakar-level navigation Daniel Elena almost allows Loeb to win his first win, finally, the experience has been imposed, and Stéphane Peterhansel added to their thirteenth ‘Touareg’.

Much less competitive has been the new category UTV, where
only eight riders took the start after the dance of the brothers,Colonel,
finally outside of this category. All in all, the race has been
question of descartes and in the end Leandro Torres has been the more regular,
will serve to exit champion in Buenos Aires. For his part, Kamaz is going to
to recover the scepter of power between the trucks
. Punctures have not played
please Gerard de Rooy and Russian navy has achieved its goal. Eduard
Nikolaev is to the doors of its second


The motorcycle category has a champion, Sam Sunderland. Without
however, it is very likely that the final resolution is deferred by the alleged
appeal that has presented Honda to the penalty he received his pilots in the
fourth stage and that approval would lead to Joan Barreda to get the
‘Touareg‘. Only time will remove the reason to HRC Rally, but the only
reality at the moment is that Sam Sunderland is going to score his first victory in
the Dakar, a result that no doubt confirmed the commitment that has made KTM for the
british pilot.

Finally, Russian Sergey Karyakin is a step of
get the ‘Touareg’, quads
. The fight between the quads has been
discard. The lack of pace of Rafal Sönik, the abandonment of Josef Machacek and
various mechanical problems or errors that you have committed some of the theoretical
favorites have allowed the emergence of Karyakin, which already warned of your speed
in their three previous participants. Ignacio Casale has been the only one who has
able to fight at the time of the truth with Karyakin, but with three wins in
the last four stages, Russia will be able to celebrate a second ‘Touareg’.