Dakar 2017, stage 11: Joan Barreda wins in Río Cuarto


The eleventh stage of the Dakar 2017 held between San Juan and Rio
Fourth has left the victory of Joan Barreda in the category of bikes. The
Spanish rider of Honda has led the doublet of the japanese firm, all
time that Paulo Goncalves has been completed to 1:50 for his companion. Despite
this result, Sam Sunderland is just a stage of taking your first
after saving the pitfalls of today with solvency. In the category of
quads, Sergey Karyakin has not succumbed to the pressure and rode towards their first
title in the Dakar after winning a new stage victory.


Joan Barreda knew not to leave penalised by his starting position in the
the first section of the special. The Spanish surrendered at a good level in the area of dunes
and in an open ground, which allowed him to hold his advantage in the second
section, starring tracks WRC type. In the end, Joan Barreda
closed the day with a time of 3:16:57
, registration, serving to
beat Paulo Goncalves by 1:50, fruit of the natural rate of Barreda in the second section of the day. All in all, Adrien Van Beveren closed the podium of the
, although the penalty of 1 minute that she received not allowed to storm the podium in the general.

A podium that keeps Gerard Farrés and for that you will have to fight on the last day. However, the difference between the pilot of Himoinsa Racing and Adrien Van Beveren is only 48 seconds, the entire time Farrés has finished fourth in the stage in 7:54 minutes behind the winner. Fifth for its part, has been Sam Sunderland, in a result that leaves him in a sigh of the ‘Touareg’. The KTM rider was able to maintain the calm, appeasing, and not to commit errors to stop giving 9:15 with respect to Barreda, record that has enabled him to overcome to Renet and to the Honda of Michael Metge and Franco Caimi.

The margin of Barreda and Farrés, the day has not been
especially positive for the interests of the spaniards, to a large extent by the
neglect of Ivan Cervantes
. The pilot of Himoinsa suffered a fall in the
the first part of the special, with such bad luck that the damage to his KTM not
allowed its continuity. has Also fallen Joan Pedrero, although the pilot of Sherco has been able to complete 13:57 of the head. For his part, Laia Sanz has closed the day with 24:39
minutes with respect to Barreda
, in another sign of the increasing rate it has had since the day of rest. In addition, Dani Oliveras, has completed the day in 34:49 minutes.

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Sergey Karyakin has achieved a stage victory in the quad category
and has given a payment from giant to their first ‘Touareg’ after endorse more than 55
minutes to Ignacio Casale. The chilean, with a disadvantage at the start of the stage
for more than 20 minutes, decided not to risk and complete the stage without
older shockers, securing her second position overall in the
category. A performance off that has allowed the shine to other pilots,
as is the case of Daniel Domaszewski and Rafal Sönik. With all, and although both
have finished within the podium of the stage, have been shot more than 20 minutes of

All in all, Paul Copetti has been largely benefited from the
the entire time that the mechanical problems repeated Axel Dutrie have allowed
the argentine reached the last step of the podium between the quads. In
this aspect, Copetti has not been among the fastest riders of the day and
it has left 46:45 minutes in relation to Karyakin, ending the stage by
behind Nelson Augusto Sanabria, Kees Koolen and Bruno Da Costa
after you accumulate a penalty of 15 minutes. Good day, for its part, the Czech Zdenek Tuma, who says goodbye to the Dakar with his best result of stage.

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