Dakar 2017, stage 11: Nearly everything seen to judgement


Joan Barreda has added a new stage victory, to the
waiting to see what happens with the appeal of Honda: Has been a stage very
difficult at the beginning
. The navigation has been very difficult, with many changes
of direction, many rivers and lots of stone. It was important to follow a good
address. I’ve been going pretty well. The truth is that I’ve also had the help
Michael Metge
. Together we have gone through many of the sections out of the track. For
to finish, I had a very quick Baja style California and I’ve
had a good time, very funny all“.

Gerard Farrés with his fourth position has managed to defend
his podium in the general, although by a narrow margin: “it Was well, but
we were in a rather favorable terrain for Adrien Van Beveren
, a real
specialist in the arena. I don’t know right now how it has gone, but I know that in the
first part I’ve cut about two and a half minutes. In any case, very
happy. I’m here, I have made a great race and, whatever the outcome,
I’m happy
. I am aware that there are still a few sixty miles very
important. Seem few, but have given so much in other times”.

For his part, Sam Sunderland has raced with head in securing its first ‘Touareg’, no matter what happens in the offices: “Today, I have been more relaxed. In the first part there was
pretty dune
and on that ground I move like a fish in the water. It was very physical,
but I am in shape and even I caught the pilots in front. After
there were more mountain roads. In these moments I have thirty minutes of
advantage. I would prefer that they were three hours, but it is always best that thirty
seconds. the Whole team has done an awesome job. I start to ask myself to
the idea, but I try not to think too much in the victory. There are that keep the
concentration up to mañana


Sébastien Loeb has taken the stage victory, but a puncture prevented him from dreaming of something more: “We have come out super strong this morning and we’ve cut the half of the difference in the 100 km of the first stretch of the special, but in the second section, we have clicked on the first curve. After we’ve attacked a bit in a part with curves, but when we got to the field area with a lot of dust we’ve thrown in the towel. We have spent two days with the machete between the teeth and it was also time to end the fight. The differences are very large and I have preferred to lower the arms, you can’t do much“.

Stéphane Peterhansel has dealt with the attacks of Loeb so bright: “In the first 120 km of special, Sébastien has recovered a lot of time. In the second special, we have left that out in front because it is faster, but a few miles after he got a flat tire. we have advance and we ran as fast as possible. We were very quick, very concentrated. And, well, everything will be decided by seconds. We knew it was a track from the WRC and that we were going to lose sight of, but his prick has given us a respite. It is almost an honor to compete in the general with Seb. it Is very fast, in some areas more than we do“.

For his part, Nani Roma he lived very far away from this
“it Has been a day a little moved at first, but in the end we
raced well.
We have tried not to make mistakes, because we had nothing that
pillar nor nothing to lose. We have run quiet, although we’ve had a
glitch in the neutralization and we have had to work a little bit in the car.
But good, has been no more than the small stress which represent these
We are happy with the career that we have done until today and
morning to end, though all the world thinks that it has already been done.”