Dakar 2017, stage 3: Day of contrasts among the favorites


Joan Barreda has taken advantage of the initial stretch of sailing off the track to win the third stage of the Dakar and be a leader in the motorcycle category of the Dakar 2017:
This stage was marked in the agenda. Yesterday I lost
a little bit of time, which is a pity, but today I have gone well things. My
strategy is the following: to control and
when the opportunity presents itself,
. There is still a lot of race ahead. And the marked differences in this
third stage are minimal. This year, I think that everything is going to be different.
And I think that the
control strategy and attack is the correct one

On the opposite side of the coin,
Toby Price has been recognized in
goal that has had a bad day:
The route book was not at all clear with
the beginning of the special
. We have lost all and we had to
undo the way. At the end, has not been so bad. The pace was regular in the
the last stretch is a special, but despite this, I lost time in the bed of a
The balance of the day is not very positive, but we’re just in the third
stage. You can’t win a rally by leading the race from the first to the last
everyone has the right to have a bad day. There is still a lot of rally
in front”.

Although it has not gained the today’s special, Ignacio Casale is the
new leader in the category of quads:
“I enjoyed the special, though
the altitude has quite complicated the race.
we have Also
found with hail and rain
. Many things, in short, in our
against. With all that, what concerns me most is the behavior of my quad in
height, because I suppose that
I lose around 30% of power. And then there is the
headache associated with the altitude sickness, which also makes it hard. So
others, the journey has been positive for me.
I Hope I can keep the


In the car category, St├ęphane Peterhansel has led
the triplet of Peugeot:
“we have Not attacked but butt we filmed the light
the whole of the day. The first day we were in the middle and yesterday in full dust
Today we have not lost time because we have not made mistakes
. Nasser was
standing, which means that it has broken something and that you have a lot of work
mechanical ahead. In regards to Giniel, rode normally until
that I have seen him stand at my side.
What is interesting for us today is that it
has produced a screen between our rivals
. All in all, we’re not talking about
large differences. It can be said that we have taken a small step forward”.

Sebastien Loeb has finished third, a position that could have
been better not to have had to change the wheel for a puncture:
is ahead of Al-Attiyah by
a small navigation error at the start of
the stage
. In the second special, we failed barely go a fortnight
of kilometres, which has made us lose time again. In total,
we will have
lost about 6 minutes
, but we’ve all been there. We are aware that not
we have marked the best time. In general, we can be happy, especially
taking into account that the path is not as in the past year, with special
Cordoba as in the rally of Argentina.
Has been a particularly long and complicated“.

With all the great defeated of today’s stage has been
Nasser Al-Attiyah, after being left more than two hours to break the suspension of its
“It ended the game for us. It has been a bad day. We have hit
against a rock and we lost a tire
. We placed stones on the hood
by way of counterweight, and we have shot as well 80 a few miles. We have
tried to stop several times to repair the car but we were missing parts
and the assistance truck was far behind.
Now only hope to finish the
, that is, if the car has not been too much touched. will I have to wait
the next Dakar, to try to win
. It’s going to be a very long year”.