Dakar 2017, stage 3: Off-track direction to the clouds


The journey between San Miguel de Tucumán and San Salvador de Jujuy will not be a bed of roses for the drivers of the Dakar. The third stage of the Dakar 2017 a total of 780 kilometers and presents a route different to the bikes, quads, cars and UTV respect to the truck. This means that after an initial link and a small common section, the ‘elephants in the desert’ shall bear its own way -neutralized – to conquer the mountain and play in altitude. For its part, the rest of the participants will face a real ascent ‘clouds’ will take them above 4,000 metres.

At this point, and after another neutralization -shorter than that imposed on the trucks-all the participants face to facen the final stretch of the special in the same conditions, in the same route, and struggling against the difficulties of competing at 4,000 meters of altitude. The result is that the Dakar is before his first major stage of resistance 364 kilometers timed for bikes, quads, cars and UTV, by the 164 kilometres of competitive will that make the truck before the small link that puts an end to the day to reach San Salvador de Jujuy.

One of the keys of this third stage are the huge contrasts that you will live for the pilots. However, the stage will begin by below 1,800 meters of altitude, with pleasant temperatures and soil conditions very different to those that will follow. In a matter of miles -the majority of off-track – things will change and will go to a stage with much lower temperatures in which the maximum altitude reached is of 4.895 meters. With a promotion so radical and so extreme conditions, ASO imposed a time limit to 19:00 hours to prevent ‘riders’ spend the night outdoors.

Profile third stage (S. Miguel de Tucumán – S. S. de Jujuy)

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