Dakar 2017, stage 3: The Dakar leaves a mark wherever pisa


it Is evident that the Dakar rally in south america is very different from the original Dakar rally and that the great spirit of adventure that defined the appointment of african has been replaced by a hardness that some claim is poorly understood. Be that as it may, the current rally, which takes place in South america, and in its 39th edition pisa Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia, enjoys a great health. To survive sudden drops of Chile and Peru to draw a route full of challenges and where the off-track returns to be the protagonist thanks to the changes in the navigation system speak very well of Marc Coma and the Dakar organisation.

in the end, the Dakar needs stability and that is something that South america offers. Perhaps it may seem otherwise, but the problems that have been Chile and Peru have served to strengthen the institutional support that is there around the career. An ingredient that along with the great heat and passion that characterized the amateur american, placed at the Dakar in a perfect position to continue crossing the pond and forget about Africa, where the political situation is much more complicated and the support of the institutions, a chimera to the internal problems of every nation.

only two stages have been enough to reinforce this feeling ‘take root’ on american soil. The Dakar started in AsunciĆ³n and Paraguay’s public turned with a departure ceremony that was at the height of one of the great events of the country. The result is that Paraguay wants to have more presence in the race and already oposita to accommodate not only the output in 2018, but to host a couple of stages. The popular support invites you to dedicate a budget line for the Dakar follow taking accent of paraguay in upcoming editions.


The support of Argentina is without a doubt the key to the race
South america
. Today, it is the country that is home to most of the stages,
was a solid pillar of the test and so it has been since the Dakar
crossed the pond, as that has been the only country that has participated in the
eight editions of the raid that have been played in South america. All in all, the
institutional support of Argentina, not just in 2016, and the Minister of
Tourism of the Nation has already made it clear that the country will continue to
collaborating with ASO
to promote the race in future editions.

two stages have been enough for Argentina to strengthen its position

around the Dakar before the great diffusion that offers the test in the world
integer. A muscle advertising that has not gone unnoticed by other
south american countries, as is the case of Bolivia. The country expects to
maintaining a presence is a priority in the race as in 2016 despite
the interest shown by Chile or Peru to come back
to the race as
soon as possible. In this aspect, it is also important to the role
can achieve Brazil or Uruguay, two countries willing to make her debut in the