Dakar 2017, stage 4: Bolivia welcomes the winners


Matthias Walkner has been the winner of the fourth stage of the Dakar 2017 in the category of bikes, although not hide his disappointment at the abandonment of Toby Price: Has been easier today, leaving the eleventh. At the beginning of the
tour I was not feeling very well-that is to say, the navigation was complicated and
had lost riders and encallados by all parties. In the kilometer
100 I have started to feel better, but neither is me going through the head that
I could win this stage.
I’m happy for the victory, but the most important thing
today is what has happened to Toby
. It has been a blow hard and I hope that
is well. Today I’m not going to talk about goals. Joan goes very fast and just
it’s the middle of rally

Joan Barreda finished second, but reinforces its leadership: “The truth is that it has been a step magnificent. On all the
the first part, with some incredible landscapes,
dunes very difficult and a
navigation is very complicated
. I had my doubts, but have kept
the concentration until the end and I have achieved a good result. Are the days in
that there are some that take advantage, with navigation areas which create opportunities. I have
led to a high rate or very high, but we are already looking for go insurance.
we need to risk
, and not for the advantage that has, but because it’s good
preserve, is much rally, with many stages yet and much to decide.”

Walter Nosiglia, days before the age of 55 years, has achieved the first victory of a bolivian in the Dakar, and has done so at the stage that introduced the race in your country: The key of this victory is in what has happened
in the dunes
. I trundled along behind a row of bikes and get into
the dunes have taken the best tracks. After I stopped on a dune
high to reflect.
people appeared on all sides because he had decided to
roll over the top. When refuelling I have been told that I was leading so I have given
gas until the end. For me, winning a stage and taking into account that this
Wednesday I meet 55 years old and I have rivals of 25-26 years old is something immense.
honestly I never would have imagined


Has also added its first victory -in this case in
cars – the French
Cyril Despres: “there has Not been a perfect day, because
we have made a nonsense of anything at kilometer 60, which has made us lose 2 or
3 minutes,
but it has been a stage of the real Dakar, with traps by
all parties. If you had told me that he was going to win a stage in my third
Dakar, I would have believed it for anything in the world.
it is One thing to win a stage and
another thing different is how you win
. You could make many mistakes and not
we’ve committed. Good, or
we are wrong less than the other“.

Mikko Hirvonen has also signed a brilliant stage with the
Mini JCW Rally:
“it was a difficult stage but it has gone well. We have managed to
to reach Sainz and Peterhansel. After the special has become very fast and
we have lacked power in front of the buggies. Sainz and Peterhansel have
advance, but in the end we signed a good time. We are still in the fight
for the victory.
We lack speed, but we do not commit errors. I rode with
a lot of care on the ground more broken to not prick. Take the
stages one by one.
I’m happy with the pace that we are making“.

For his part, the great defeated of the day has been Carlos Sainz
after suffering an accident with several turns of bell and end despeñado by
an embankment. Although it has crossed the goal line with 2 hours lost and towed by
Romain Dumas, their options have vanished:
“We’ve gone too far
fast in a curve,
I’ve hit the interior, and the car has dump. Our
options in the face of victory had vanished, simple as that.
And I don’t think that
we can continue