Dakar 2017, stage 4: Deception very expensive for Laia Sanz


difficult Day for Laia Sanz in the fourth stage of the Dakar 2017. Despite the remarkable pace that has shown the KTM rider, the end result has not been the true reflection of the speed that has been shown to the Catalan in the sections of navigation and in the areas of ‘fesh-fesh’, Laia Sanz has closed the day at position 38 with a loss of 1 hour and 33 seconds with respect to the stage winner, Matthias Walkner. Despite the time lost, Laia Sanz occupies the 24th position in the standings of the motorcycle category.

a Large part of this lost time has come for the deception of a pilot rival that has done go back to Laia Sanz to look for two control points that had already been overcome: “Has gone very wrong today. At the beginning I was doing well, I was surfing well, but before you reach a way point I’ve recalibrated it a bad trip. I was following the traces and was in the right place, but I stopped to confirm with the other pilot and has told me that I had skipped two way points. By telling me this, I looked back and I saw that it was not true”.

After falling to the position 90°, and catch a rising of 52 positions in the last kilometres of the special, as in the soil of Bolivia, Laia Sanz showed some anger on goal, both with the other pilot as his decision: “I have returned to start the navigation on the site that knew that everything was perfect and it turns out that the way point was 500 metres away. I lost about half an hour. I Know this has been a mistake of mine for listening to her, but it has not been a detail ugly. Now we have to take the situation and try to regain some of the ground lost in the next few days, that will be complicated”.