Dakar 2017, stage 4: Sainz compromise, Barreda is not the leader


Carlos Sainz has returned to stumble into a ravine and once
more left without the Dakar. Sure by now that many will appeal to luck
-or the lack of it – to explain the new mishap of the rider from madrid,
surely though the accident that has suffered with your Peugeot 3008 DKR and that will
has led to to give several turns of the bell as it fell down an embankment has
an explanation more easy. The own Sainz said before departing for South america
and it is certain that he has complied with his words. Carlos Sainz only he was worth
to win and to win you must take risks

as simple as that. Carlos Sainz has risked and has not gone well, but you can not say that the work is poorly done. Keep up with the pace of Stéphane Peterhansel or perform at the level of an authentic ‘hare’ as Sébastien Loeb is not easy, and today again I was on my way to endorse both a good coat of minutes. With Cyril Despres as a perfect guide, the Spanish decided to go a step further to try to get a good income at the end of the stage, but a curve to the right-wing got in the way.

After the spectacular accident with several turns of bell, see how the Peugeot 3008 DKR was almost destroyed and reach the finish line towed by Romain Dumas, it is true that the Dakar is lost. In fact, Carlos Sainz has wavered and although in his statements after the accident left the door open to be able to continue, eventually Sainz has abandoned the Dakar 2017: We’re out. I don’t think you are allowed to repair the car because it is fairly touched, but they are looking at. I, of all ways, I don’t know if I will be able to follow. To see how I’m back because I’m a little annoyed”.


it has Not been a good day for Joan Barreda. The Spanish signed in the first instance a large stage, second of the special after Matthias Walkner and with a leadership strengthened by the abandonment of Toby Price. However, all is good make has become long faces at the heart of Honda’s all time Joan Barreda has been sanctioned with an hour for refuelling in an area not permitted. A hard stumble for the rider who has shown greater strength in the first third of the Dakar, and that you will need to follow a strategy more offensive if it is to recover the time lost.

With this time of punishment, Joan Barreda has fallen to thirteenth position in the general motorcycle with a lost time of 41:41 minutes of Paul Quintanilla is the new leader after the sanction of Barreda. Matthias Walkner, Stefan Svitko, Sam Sunderland and Paulo Gonçales are placed less than ten minutes to the new leader, while Gerard Farrés happens to be the sixth rated to 12 minutes. By searching for a positive aspect, the sanction of Joan Barreda implies that it has finished 37th in the stage, so that the Honda pilot will start from a position delayed in the fifth special stage and in an environment that is conducive for attack.