Dakar 2017, stage 5: Words of the protagonists in Oruro


Sam Sunderland, winner of the stage by instinct and the new leader in the motorcycle category, has been one of the pilots more reinforced in the fifth stage of the Dakar: “it Has been a difficult stage for a lot of who have cancelled the second part. We had to ride 300 km in the rain and cold. In regards to me personally, it has been a good day. Had good feeling this morning in the output, and I concentrated well in the navigation. there are two delicate points. To me today has done me well. Yesterday I was worse, but today I solved a lot better with this situation. All in all, we’re only at the fifth stage. keep calm and concentration“.

Adrien Van Beveren has taken advantage of the difficulties of the stage to sneak into the podium: “The first part of the special has been interesting. In the
mountains it rained and was quite cold
, so that had to be applied to
on a technical level, which I have benefited. I have been able to exploit my potential
to make the difference in slippery conditions, with braking at
occasions delicate. In the second part filming for a bed to open and had
to decide what course to take. Barreda had just given it half a turn and I decided to
. However, after a few moments I’ve told you not to
it fit with the indications of the road book. The way point hidden not
opened it and I have decided to undo the way

Martin Duplessis has been one of the drivers who have taken advantage of the chaotic fifth day of the Dakar to add a very positive result. The argentinian driver, to the back of his KTM, has managed to finish in the position thirteenth with 28:52 minutes lost regarding Sunderland: it Was very cold, it was raining, there was hail, and we suffer a lot. After the dunes we were better and I even had a lot of fun. We’ve been doing very good career, but still lack a lot. The bike works very well and we hope to continue as well. We have tough days ahead, especially if the rain is repeated in the next few days”.


S├ębastien Loeb has won the fifth stage in the car category, adding his second win of stage with the Peugeot 3008 DKR. The frenchman was satisfied with the performance of your buggy: Second victoira stage and in addition in a pure stage of a rally-raid. This is very good. The Peugeot 3008 DKR works very well under these conditions. During the stage we’ve attacked, every second. Daniel Elena has done a good job. The people in Bolivia is incredible. We have seen thousands of people over tens of kilometers, a few times I’ve seen something of this caliber. It’s crazy“.

Nani Roma has finished second in today’s special stage and is maintained as the sole Toyota driver in the fight for the Dakar: Today everything has gone very well. it Has been a difficult stage, we started off with a lot of rain, we have begun to be wise. In addition, 4,400 meters the car was not running more. Then we have done very well in the navigation. We made a couple of mistakes, but less so than the others. Alex has done a super stage and I think we have done a great job of team. It has been a day hard and difficult, but with a good reward. I think we are doing things well, and the Dakar is open”.

Isidre Esteve has lived his best day in the Dakar, after finishing 37th in the stage and fourth in the category T1.S, a grand prix after the problems in the fourth stage and that led him to skip the stretch of dunes, with the prior sanction of 11 hours: Today we’ve started the race very comfortable and at a good pace. In addition, my
airbag Txema Villalobos has been successful in a point very difficult of
navigation, which has allowed us to make a big first half of
special. In contrast, almost at the end it has cost us a lot to find a way
point and we had to go back
. I’m very happy because the more difficult things are, the better we will be“.