Dakar 2017, stage 6: Carlos Sainz frustrated with Peugeot


Carlos Sainz is already in Spain. The pilot of Peugeot Sport has landed in Barajas after having to withdraw from the Dakar by the loud crash he suffered in the fourth stage of the rally. Tired and still sore, Sainz has expressed his relief for having come out unscathed -as his co-driver Lucas Cruz – a mishap in which your Peugeot 3008 DKR gave several turns of the bell to the despeƱarse by a ravine. All in all, Sainz has also shown frustration and discomfort with Peugeot for not having attempted to repair his buggy, all time considered that it could have continued in the race.

In this aspect, Sainz has already demonstrated a certain distaste in his first statements in the bivouac by the decision of Peugeot, although on arrival at the Airport Adolfo Suarez Barajas has been much more categorical: I wanted to follow in the Dakar and the car also had both. Chassis and engine were fine. The only thing I had was a lot of damage at the level of the carbon fiber. At the end, this is work. Having made an emergency repair we had reached the day of rest and more to do with the suspension today. I think that there were possibilities to follow. They decided that it was too complicated to repair it, that there was no real-time and was not attempted“.

Out of this frustration, Carlos Sainz has also
explained the reasons that led him to suffer the accident: Everything happens
because I have a bike in front
. There is a moment in which I lost the reference
the distance of the curve. When it was dust, I realized that it came a
little late. I braked, put the car sideways to try to enter, but I got
hitting on the inside of the curve. That catapulted us and gave several
turns of bell
. From there, we got out of the car. I hope that the
people who go to the rallies to see the images and realize that may not be
put on the outside of a curve

By way of balance and as a conclusion, Carlos Sainz explained:
I’m glad that nothing happened. It is logical to be upset
because at that time we were leading the race, but so is the Dakar. Now
I wont to get home and rest. As I have always done after each
Dakar, there are that reflect and see what it is that I do. Always irks me
leave, because you spend the whole year preparing for the race, and in this case with the
abandonment of Al-Attiyah things had been very good for us”.